Ithaca Crew Takes on Move-In Day

At the beginning of every year, nervous and eager freshman drive onto campus to begin their journeys as Ithaca College students. In order to assist new students and parents with the daunting task of moving into the dorms, Ithaca College has a move in crew made up of students and faculty in order to make the move in process a little more tolerable. 14 members of the Ithaca College Crew Team participated as members in the Move-In Crew, and provided exemplary service to new students and parents. Each student was assigned a dorm, and they would assist with moving students in for 2 hour shifts. A member and captain of the Women’s Crew Team, Krista Syracuse, mentioned that it was funny to watch the reactions of the parents when her and other members of the team would bombard each car, clearing it out in a matter of seconds. In the series of photographs attached, you can see Krista, Rachel Dowd, Madeline Peterson, Ashley Watson, Sarah Muroski and Tara Malone clearing out a full car in 23 seconds! It was great to see Ithaca Crew being represented well off the water, exemplifying hard work ethic and selflessness. We are excited for the Fall Season to start! Please follow the blog and check in for weekly updates about any events, racing results and achievements that the team is involved in!

List of Ithaca Crew Participants:
Brendan Canale (East Tower)
Natalie Grande (East Tower)
Jason Manrow (West Tower)
Victoria Ayvazian (West Tower)
Kaleigh Ritter (West Tower)
Alex Lynn (Tallcott)
Jack Schattner (Hilliard/Hood)
Catherine Felicetti (Rowland)
Krista Syracuse (Holmes)
Rachel Dowd (Holmes)
Madeline Peterson (Holmes)
Ashley Watson (Holmes)
Sarah Muroski (Holmes)
Tara Malone (Holmes)

Step 1!

Step 1!

Step 2!

Step 2!

Step 3!

Step 3!

23 seconds later, and they are finished!

23 seconds later, and they are finished!

ECAC Crew Itinerary

Race;                                     5/10-11/2013

Location;                              Worcester, MA – Lake Quinsigamond

Participating schools:                       ECAC National Invitational Collegiate Regatta

Departure Time – location              Meet buses at the A & E Center on Saturday, May 10, at 8:45 am for a 9:00 departure.  Buses should stop once at Cross-gates Mallfor a light lunch (30 minutes).  From there buses will drive directly to race course so that athletes can rig shells and practice on the course.  ETA Worcester at 3:00pm.

Directions to Race Course;               Leave Ithaca on route 79 east to Whitney Point, onto route 206 east to Bainbridge, onto I-88 east towards Albany.  I-88 ends at I-90.   Go east on I-90 past Albany, towards Boston, and onto the Mass. Pike which is still I-90.  Exit from Mass Pike at Worcester (exit 10) to I-290 east through the city.  Exit 15 for Shrewsbury Street, follow this to the end and it will merge right onto route 9 east.  Go about ½  mile to the last traffic light (Lake Ave.) before crossing the bridge over the lake.  Turn left here and Regatta Point Park is immediately on the right.

Directions to hotel;            To the Econolodge Inn & Suites return to route 9 and head east (cross the bridge on the lake).  Proceed between 3-4 miles and the hotel will be on the right, right after the Sears and Christmas Tree Plaza.  Econolodge Inn & Suites, 380 Southwest Cutoff, Northborough, MA   01354.  phone; 508-842-8941.

Time table:         

3– 6:00 pm           Rig shells and practice on the course.  Cox’ns must check-in with coach and                                          Chief Referee before going on the water

6:00 pm                   Hotel check-in

6:30 or 7:15 pm   Dinner (pre-paid) at JJ’s in the hotel parking lot –
women at 6:30, men at 7:15.

9:00 pm                   Team meetings.

Sunday race schedule (subject to change)     report 90 minutes prior to race time, launch 45 min. prior.

7:00 am                 regatta meeting for coxswains and coaches.  Cox’ns weigh-in after this meeting.

8:20 ma                 Mo4       heats 1-3 to final, others to petitie

8:40 am                 W3v8     heats, 1-3 to final, others to petite.

9:00 am                 M3v8     same as above

9:20 am                 Wn8       same as above.

9:50 am                W2v8     heats, 1-2 to final, 3-4 to petite, others to 3rd level final.

10:20 am              M2v8     same as W2v8.

10:50 am              Wv8       same as W2v8.

11:20 am              Mv8       same as W2v8.

1:20 pm                 MV4     final

1:40 pm                 W2N8     finals

2:00                        W3v8     finals

2:20                       M3V8 finals

2:40                        Wn8       finals

3:10                        Mn8       finals

3:20                        W2v8     finals

3:50                        M2v8     finals

4:20, or 5:00       Wv8       finals

4:50 or 5:20          Mv8       finals


Race notes:           All races are 2000 meters with stake boat starts, buoyed course.  There are medals for the top 3 crews in each race.  Everyone races  twice regardless of heat placing, except Mn8 and W2n8 which are pm final only.

Plan for meals:   Everyone will get $10.00.Saturday lunch is a bus stop at a mall food-court.  Saturday team dinner is pre-paid at a local restaurant adjacent to the hotel.  Hotel provides continental breakfast.  Sunday post-race food is from the tent.

Other Information:           Don’t forget your racing uniform and your BETTING SHIRT.  Bring warm clothes, rain gear, and two changes of rowing gear.  De-rig immediately after final racing and load trailer

Return to Ithaca:.  Buses will leave after racing on Sunday evening, about 6:30pm.  We will return directly to Ithaca College, E.T.A. Sunday is 12 midnight..


IC Crew Takes Home Overall Points Trophy at the New York State Championships!

Participating Schools: 27 Participating Schools

Location: Whitney Point, New York

Date: May 3 & 4, 2014 

Conditions: On Saturday there was variable rain, temperatures in the low 50’s with a moderate head wind. On Sunday it was sunny with temperatures in the mid to high 40’s with a strong cross wind.

Ithaca Women’s Results (Finals Only):


Varsity 8: William Smith – 7:14.65 Ithaca – 7:17.99 Marist – 7:19.98 Rochester – 7:20.33 RIT – 7:26.64 Union – 7:33.10

Second Varsity 8: William Smith – 7:59.27 Ithaca A – 8:10.88 RIT – 8:15.54 Ithaca B – 8:19.65 Rochester – 8:23.04 Union – 8:26.90 Marist – 8:28.34

Women’s Novice 8 Petite: SUNY Geneseo – 8:33.29 Ithaca B – 9:08.32

Women’s Novice 8 Grand Final: Ithaca A – 7:53.47 WIlliam Smith – 7:55.69 St. Lawrence – 7:56.45 RIT – 8:01.46 US Military Academy – 8:06.01 Skidmore – 8:31.90

Women’s Varsity 4 Petite Final: SUNY Geneseo – 8:59.33 Ithaca B – 9:07.00 Binghamton B – 9:13.77 NYU – 9:15.57 D’Youville – 9:21.08 Ithaca A – 9:44.10

Women’s Novice 4: Colgate – 9:07.21 Rochester – 9:30.65 US Military Academy – 9:36.64 Marist – 9:43.96 Union – 10:13.91 Ithaca – 10:39.61

Ithaca Men’s Results (Finals Only): 

Varsity 8: Hobart – 6:18.69 Ithaca – 6:20.94 US Military Academy – 6:26.02 RIT – 6:27.19 Marist – 6:28.93 Skidmore – 6:56.11

Second Varsity 8: Hobart – 6:36.02 Marist – 6:39.12 Ithaca -6:54.62 US Military Academy – 7:04.85 RIT – 7:05.75 St. Lawrence – 7:08.37

Third Varsity 8: Hobart A – 6:58.40 Marist – 7:06.08 Hobart B – 7:15.28 Ithaca – 7:18.14

Frosh/Novice 8: RIT – 6:59.18 Ithaca – 6:59.27 US Military Academy – 7:22.63 Buffalo – 7:38.68 Rensselaer – 7:40.38 Stony Brook – 8:05.48

Varsity 4: Colgate – 7:19.87 Binghamton A – 7:25.24 Clarkson A – 7:31.34 NY Maritime – 7:32.49 Clarkson B – 7:35.72 Ithaca – 7:36.43

On May 3rd and 4th, the Ithaca College Crew team travelled to Whitney Point, New York in order to participate in the New York State Championships. This was the beginning of their championship racing season, and after a successful regular season, Ithaca went into States with confidence and with eyes on the medal stands. With 27 participating schools, the racing was going to be very competitive, featuring some of the top teams in the North East. 

The first day of competition, Saturday, May 3rd, was qualifying heats for most boats, and for the Women’s Second Varsity 8, Women’s Third Varsity 8 and the Men’s Third Varsity 8 it was a Grand Final only. The weather was unpredictable, with on and off rain and a spontaneous strong cross wind which made racing conditions quite difficult for some races. The women’s team had a great day of qualifying, sending the Varsity 8, Frosh/Novice 8 and Novice 4 to the Grand Finals! The 2 Varsity 4’s and the Second Frosh/Novice 8 both had competitive qualifying races, and qualified for the petite finals the next day as well! The Men’s Team also had a great day of qualifying, sending the Varsity 8, Second Varsity 8, Frosh/Novice 8 and Varsity 4 to the Grand Finals! The Women’s Second Varsity 8 and Third Varsity 8 both raced in a Grand Final only in the Second Varsity 8 event later in the day and saw some great success! The Women’s Second Varsity 8 took home the first medal for Ithaca College Crew, placing second in their race with a time of 8:10.88. They were only bested by WIlliam Smith. The Women’s Third Varsity 8 also had a strong race, placing fourth in the Second Varsity Race with a time of 8:19.65, besting the Rochester, Union and Marist Second Varsity 8’s. The Men’s Third Varsity 8 rowed in a very exciting, head to head race all the way down the race course with the Hobart 4V for the bronze medal, however was unfortunately bested and placed fourth in the event with a time of 7:18.14. Overall, it was a great first day of racing for Ithaca College Crew, and crews were anxious to get back on the water on Sunday to participate in their Grand and Petite Finals. 

Sunday, May 4th was an early wake-up call for many athletes, and racing began at 8:00am. The wind was strong and the water was a bit more choppy than on Saturday, however crews had to put the weather aside in order to race to the medal stands! The racing started off strong for the Women’s Varsity 8 as they finished second in their grand final with a time of 7:17.99, only being bested by William Smith by 3 seconds. The Men’s Varsity 8 raced in an exciting race, which featured a head to head battle between Ithaca and Hobart all the way down the race course. The last time Ithaca had raced Hobart they had lost by 7 seconds, and even though they were ultimately bested by Hobart in the Grand Final on Sunday, they closed the gap to 2 seconds, which is a great sign for ECAC’s! The 2 Women’s Varsity 4’s raced in the Petite Final with the B boat placing second and the A boat placing last. The Men’s Varsity 4, who had raced hard on Saturday and qualified for Grand Final, placed last in a very close race, finishing 1 second away from 5th place and only 5 seconds off of the medal stand! The Women’s Second Novice 8 rowed in a very competitive petite final against SUNY Geneseo. With about 500 meters to go, they had about a 4 seat lead, when the bow seat of the Ithaca Boat unfortunately caught a boat stopping crab which caused them to place second in the race. The Women’s First Novice 8 brought home the first and only gold medal of the State Championships with a fantastic showing in their grand final! After losing to St. Lawrence by 12 seconds in their heat and William Smith in Worcester 2 weeks ago by 12 seconds, they won their Grand Final, besting William Smith by 2 seconds and St. Lawrence by 3 seconds! The Men’s Frosh/Novice 8 also had a really tight race all the way down the race course with RIT, and was unfortunately bested by .09 seconds. Ithaca and RIT were a whopping 22 seconds ahead of the rest of the field in that race! The Men’s Second Varsity 8 earned their second bronze medal in 2 years with a third place finish in their race behind Hobart and Marist and 10 seconds ahead of the fourth place finisher! Finally, to wrap up the day, the Women’s Novice 4 raced in a tough race and finished last in their grand final, however was awarded 5th place due to an interference by Union. 

Overall, it was a fantastic weekend of racing for Ithaca Crew! Ithaca Crew took home 1 Gold Medal, 4 Silver Medals and 1 bronze medal and for the second year in a row, Ithaca was awarded the Overall Points Trophy! It was a great end to a great weekend and it showed that all the hard work and dedication that all the athletes had put into this year had really paid off! Next weekend is Ithaca Crew’s Final Race. They head to Worcester, Massachusetts to race in the ECAC National Invitational, and after the performance of the crews this weekend, Ithaca Crew plans to make their presence known and be a force to be reckoned with! If you are in the area, please come out and support Ithaca Crew as all the crews fight to get on the medal stands! 


Photograph Credit: Drew Erskine 


New York State Championships Itinerary

Race and date – New York State Championships, May 3-4, 2014.

Location – Dorchester Park, Whitney Point Lake, Whitney Point

Participating schools – 27 participating schools.

Departure Time and Location – Load vans at the A & E Center beginning at 1:00pm on Saturday, May 3. We are commuting so everyone will return on Saturday evening.


3 vans               Load 5:40 am. Drivers – Frid, Freedman, VanderHill             Mv8, Mv4, Wv8, Wv4

4 vans               Load 6:30 am. Drivers – Greene, Davie, Averitt, Romeo.      Wn8, Mn8, M2v8, Wn4

BE PREPARED FOR WEATHER DELAYS – take study materials with you. Saturday delays may push races over to Sunday.

  • Directions to Race Course;    Leave Ithaca on route 79 east all the way to Whitney Point. In Whitney Point turn left (east) on route 206, cross bridge and immediately turn left following signs for Dorchester Park. It is just over a mile up the hill, on the left…Dorchester Park.
  • Race Schedule.        Speak with your coach about arrival and launch times. Generally launch time is 45 minutes before race time. The times below are subject to change.
  • 2:30 pm – Regatta meeting for coaches and coxswains
  • Wv8           4:00 pm heat – 1-3 to final, 4-6 to petite.                             SUNDAY (finals)
  • Mv8            4:16 pm heat – 1-3 to final, 4-6 to petite                             Wv8 – 8:00 am.
  • Wv4           4:32 pm heat – 1-2 to final, 3-4 to petite                              Mv8 – 8:16 am
  • Mv4            4:56 pm heat – 1-3 to final, 4-6 to petite                             Wv4 – 8:32 am
  • Wn8           5:12pm heat – 1-3 to final, 4 to petite                                  Mv4 – 8:56 am
  • Mn8            5:28pm heat – 1-3 to final, 4-6 to petite                              Wn8 – 9:12 am
  • M2v8          5:44pm heat – 1-3 to final, 4-6 to petite                               Mn8 – 9:28 am
  • Wn4           6:00pm heat – 1-3 to final, 4-6 to petite                               M2v8 – 9:44 am
  • W2v8          6:40pm final                                                                        Wn4 – 10:00 am
  • M3v8          6:48pm final

Race notes:        All races are 2000 meters with stake boat starts. There are medals for the winning crew in each race, silver if there are 3 crews, bronze if there are 4 or more.     

Other Information:        Don’t forget your racing uniform.. Bring warm clothes, rain gear, and two changes of rowing gear.   Plan your own breakfast and lunch for Saturday. The food tent will be there both days for post-race chow! We will be back on campus by 9pm on Saturday and 12:30pm on Sunday, assuming there are no weather delays

Return to Ithaca: De-rig immediately after final racing and load trailer.   No one is excused until all Ithaca crews are done racing. Let’s support our team-mates. We will return directly to Ithaca College, On Saturday vans will be excused by their coach. E.T.A. Sunday is 12:30 pm.


Plan for weather delays (worst case scenario) – take study materials with you.

Ithaca Crew Has Another Strong Showing Against Williams and Coast Guard!

Participating Schools: Williams (Host) and Coast Guard

Location: Lake Onota Pittsfield, Massachusetts

Conditions: Raining with Temperatures in the high 40’s. Flat water with minimal to no wind.

Ithaca Women’s Results:

Women’s Varsity 8: Williams – 7:03.8 Ithaca – 7:18.6 Coast Guard – 7:35.6

Second Varsity 8: Ithaca – 7:27.3 Williams – 7:32.8

Third Varsity 8: Williams – 7:48.7 Ithaca – 7:54.4

Frosh/Novice 8: Williams – 7:25.7 Ithaca – 7:30.0 Coast Guard – 7:49.8

Ithaca Men’s Results:

Men’s Varsity 8: Ithaca – 6:12.4 Williams – 6:14.6 Coast Guard – 6:34.3

Second Varsity 8: Williams – 6:18.5 Ithaca – 6:21.2 Coast Guard – 6:45.7

Third Varsity 8: Ithaca – 6:50.6 Williams – 7:03.4

Frosh/Novice 8: Williams – 6:21.4 Trinity – 6:27.4 Ithaca – 6:33.9

This past weekend, the Ithaca College Crew team travelled to Pittsfield, Massachusetts to take on Williams and Coast Guard on Lake Onota. It was an early 5:15am wake up call for the athletes and at first the weather was not looking promising. Athletes arrived at the race course and during the rigging process, the rain slowly started to stop and the temperatures began to rise. There was little to no wind and the water was completely flat so the conditions were turning out to be much better than expected!

The women’s team raced against Williams and Coast Guard, and with Williams being known as one of the top D3 women’s programs in the country, it was going to be a competitive day of racing for the Lady Bombers. The Women’s Varsity 8 rowed a hard race and finished second behind Williams with a time of 7:18.6. The Women’s Third Varsity 8 finished 6 seconds behind Williams with a time of 7:54.4 and the Women’s Frosh/Novice 8 finished second behind Williams and ahead of Coast Guard with a time of 7:30.0. The Women’s Second Varsity 8 rowed a fantastic race and bested Williams in their dual race with a time of 7:27.3 which was 5 seconds ahead of Williams! Even though the 1V, 3V and 1N did not manage to beat Williams, they had strong showings against Coast Guard with the 1V beating them by 17 seconds and the 1N beating them by 20 seconds!

The men’s team also raced against Williams and Coast Guard. Williams has consistently been one of the top D3 Men’s Programs in the country, so this race was going to be an important one in comparing speed just 2 weeks before ECAC’s. The Men’s Frosh/Novice 8 had a 3 boat race between Williams and visiting team Trinity. It was a hard fought race, however the Men’s Frosh 8 finished third behind Williams and Trinity with a time of 6:33.9. The Men’s Second Varsity 8 had a strong race and finished just 3 seconds behind Williams and 24 seconds ahead of Coast Guard with a time of 6:21.2. The Men’s Third Varsity 8 had a great race, finishing 13 seconds ahead of the Williams 3V with a time of 6:50.6, and the Men’s First Varsity 8 also had a fantastic race finishing 2 seconds ahead of Williams and 22 seconds ahead of Coast Guard to win their race!

Ithaca Crew is now heading into the last 2 weeks of the season which means one thing, Championship Season. Next week, Ithaca is racing Saturday and Sunday at the New York State Collegiate Championships at Whitney Point. They will be facing contenders such as Hobart, William Smith, Marist, RIT, University of Rochester, St. Lawrence and more, which will be sure to provide and exciting and competitive weekend of racing! The following weekend, Ithaca Crew heads to Worcester, Massachusetts in order to compete in the ECAC National Invitational! If you can make it to these events, please come out and support the Ithaca Crew Team as they seek to bring home some medals and achieve post season success!


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