Ithaca Crew Has Strong Showing in Worcester!

Participating Schools:

Men – Ithaca, Trinity, WPI, UNH and Colby, United States Coast Guard

Women – Ithaca, Trinity, William and Smith, UNH, Connecticut College, Colby, WPI Date: April 19, 2014

Location: Worcester, Massachusetts Lake Quinsigamond

Conditions: Sunny and warm with moderate tailwind with increasing chop in last 750 meters.

Ithaca Women’s Crew Results:

Varsity 8: Trinity – 6:43.5 Ithaca – 6:46.37 William Smith – 6:48.7 UNH – 7:02.69 Colby – 7:03.08 Connecticut College – 7:48.54

Second Varsity 8: Trinity – 6:54.2 William Smith – 7:05.81 Ithaca – 7:11.54 Colby – 7:20.96 UNH – 7:32.83

Third Varsity 8: Trinity – 7:06.3 Ithaca – 7:27.63 Ithaca 4V – 7:34.2 Colby – 7:38.46

Frosh/Novice 8: Trinity – 7:12.2 William Smith – 7:23.16 Connecticut College – 7:33.96 Ithaca – 7:35.57

Ithaca Men’s Crew Results:

Varsity 8: Ithaca – 5:51.78 WPI – 5:55.14 Trinity – 5:57.65 UNH – 6:02.92 Colby – 6:12.21 USCGA – 6:15.03

Second Varsity 8: Trinity – 6:03.73 Ithaca – 6:04.01 WPI – 6:11.34 USCGA – 6:24.72 UNH – 6:32.82 Colby – 6:48.34

Third Varsity 8: Trinity – 6:19.95 Ithaca – 6:23.83 WPI – 6:26.08

Frosh/Novice 8: Ithaca – 6:20.74 Trinity – 6:22.69

On Saturday April 19, 2014, Ithaca Men’s and Women’s Crew traveled to Worcester, Massachusetts which marked the start to the traveling portion of their racing season. With the Men’s team facing off against Trinity, WPI, UNH, Colby and the United States Coast Guard and the Women racing against Trinity, William Smith, UNH, Colby and Connecticut College, it was going to be a competitive weekend of racing for sure!

Arriving at the race course, athletes were excited about the ideal conditions! With no signs of clouds in the sky, warm temperatures and a nice tailwind, it was going to be a great day of racing for sure. After seeing snow earlier in the week in Ithaca, and rowing in raging winds all week, rowers were anxious to take to the water in ideal weather.

The Women’s Varsity 8 placed second in their race with a fast time of 6:46.37, only being bested by Trinity, who is currently the number one D3 Women’s program in the country. Their second place finish also came with a victory over another top D3 program in the country and long time rival William Smith, defeating them by 2 seconds. The Second Varsity 8 also posted a top 3 finish with a time of 7:11.54, being bested by Trinity and William Smith. The Ithaca Women’s Third Varsity 8 and Fourth Varsity 8 both competed in the same race against Trinity’s 3V and Colby’s 3V. They finished 2nd and 3rd respectively in their race, both beating Colby’s 3V and they were bested by Trinity. The women’s novice boat saw some tough competition against Trinity, William Smith and Connecticut College, finishing 4th in their race with a time of 7:35.57. However, with plenty of time left in the season to see improvement, anything is possible before States and ECAC’s in May!

The Men’s Varsity 8, coming off a strong performance the last weekend at the Knecht Cup in New Jersey, was hoping to continue their success in Worcester this past weekend. And they did just that. Winning their race with a time of 5:51.78, they bested long time rival Trinity by 6 seconds and WPI by 4 seconds and they finished with plenty of open water against the other competitors in their race as well. The Second Varsity 8 also had a fantastic performance, finishing second in their race, a mere .4 seconds off of first place Trinity. The Third Varsity 8, finished a boat length off the Trinity 3V and a boat length over the WPI 3V with a time of 6:23.83 and the Novice 8 posted a fast time of 6:20.74 and bested the Trinity Novice boat by 2 seconds. Overall, it was a very strong showing for Ithaca Men’s Crew, and these results show that speed is improving and championship racing this season is going to be exciting and competitive.

After a great weekend of racing, both teams are going to head out on the inlet for another week of intense practice, hoping to improve their boat speed even further. Next weekend, Ithaca Crew heads to Pittsfield, Massachusetts to take on Williams College and the United States Coast Guard. With the New York State Championships and ECAC National Invitational right around the corner, Ithaca Crew is anxious to improve boat speed and compete against the top competition to prove they are one of the top programs out there.


Race; 4/18-19/2014

Location; Worcester, MA – Lake Quinsigamond

Participating schools: Women & Men vs WPI, Trinity, UNH, Colby, William Smith.

Departure Time – locationOn Friday, 4/18, meet the buses at A & E Center at 4:20 pm. Depart at 4:30pm.   Eat dinner first. Plan your own snacks for the ride. Buses will go directly to the hotel. We will have snacks to eat at the hotel upon arrival.

Directions to Hotel; Leave Ithaca on route 79 east to Whitney Point, onto route 206 east to Bainbridge, onto I-88 east towards Albany. I-88 ends at I-90.   Go east on I-90 past Albany, towards Boston, and onto the Mass. Pike which is still I-90. Exit from Mass Pike at Worcester (exit 10) to I-290 east through the city. Exit 15, right onto Shrewsbury Street. Proceed to the end and bear right onto route 9 east (Belmont Street). Stay on route 9 about 4 miles and the EconoLodge will be on the right just before the route 20 intersection. Sears and Christmas Tree Plaza is just before the hotel parking lot.

EconoLodge Inn and Suites, 380 southwest Cutoff, Northborough, MA. (508) 842-8941.

Directions from hotel to race course; Return on route 9 west, just less than 4 miles and turn right on N. Quinsigamond Ave. BEFORE crossing the lake. Proceed north on N. Quinsigamond about 1 mile. Race site (Donahue Boathouse) is on left, bus parking is on the right.

Time line; (Fri) 4:15 pm , Two buses load at A & E Center (east side) for 4:30 pm departure.  Buses will drive straight (no stopping) to Worcester to arrive by 10:00 pm.  Coach Robinson will be there with snacks.

(Sat) 7:00 am  Continental breakfast available at the hotel. Eat lightly before you leave for the race.

8:00 am  Men’s buses departs for race course.

8:00 am  Women’s bus departs for race course

12:00 noon: Buses available for loading, departing for Ithaca ASAP (12:30 pm?).

* If weather is bad, buses must be accessible through the morning.Buses must be back on campus by 6:30 pm so that students can get to dinner.

Race Schedule;      9:00 am  regatta meeting.  Lanes 1-6


10:30       Wn8        Conn        Trin          IC              WmS        UNH

10:40       Mv8         Colby      CGA        WPI         IC              Trin          UNH

10:50       Wv8         WmS        UNH        Trin          Conn        IC              Colby

11:00       M2v8       IC              Colby      UNH        Trin          WPI         CGA

11:10       W2v8      Colby      WmS        Trin          IC

11:20       M3v8       Trin          WPI         IC              WPI “b”     IC fn         Trin fn

11:30       W3v8      IC              Trin          Colby      IV 4v

Race notes: All races are 2000 meters with a floating start on a buoyed course.                  

Other Information: Bring a full water bottle and a change of clothes. Don’t forget your uniform and betting shirts. We all bet shirts for this race. Other than the lite hotel breakfast, there are no team meals planned for Saturday. The crew tent will have food. Buses may stop for fast food lunch on the way home. Buses should return to Ithaca in time for dinner on campus.


Great Weekend For IC Crew!

Men’s Varsity 8 – Knecht Cup in Mercer, New Jersey

Men’s 2V, 3V, 1F, Varsity 4 and Women’s Team – Home against St. Lawrence, Skidmore and Smith 

Conditions: Both venues had favorable conditions on Saturday. Sunny and warm with light tailwind. Knecht Cup conditions on Sunday were Sunny and warm, however with a varying cross-wind making rowing conditions a little tougher.

Men’s Varsity 8 Results (Knecht Cup):

Heat - Ithaca: 5:58.49 Delaware Lwt: 6:02.88 Trinity: 6:05.19 Fordham: 6:07.22 Rhode Island: 6:08.89

Semi – Ithaca: 5:57.94 Delaware: 6:01.60 George Mason: 6:05.04 Boston College: 6:05.60 Rhode Island: 6:07.40 Mercyhurst Lwt: 6:10.09

Grand Final – Hobart: 5:57.35 Drexel: 6:02.05 Ithaca: 6:04.72 Delaware Lwt: 6:07.41 Bucknell: 6:10.35 Delaware: 6:13.24

Men’s Team Results vs. St. Lawrence and Skidmore:

Varsity 8 – Ithaca 2V: 6:19.91 Skidmore 1V: 6:21.63 St. Lawrence: 6:38.28

Second Varsity 8 – Ithaca 3V: 6:33.71 St. Lawrence: 6:40.14

Frosh/Novice 8 – Ithaca: 6:27.67 Skidmore: 7:18.17

Varsity 4 – Ithaca: 7:16.0 Skidmore: 7:21.0 St. Lawrence: 8:09.0

Women’s Team Results vs. St. Lawrence, Skidmore and Smith

Varsity 8 AM:

Ithaca: 7:02.0 St. Lawrence: 7:27.4 

Smith: 7:18.6 Skidmore: 7:43.8 

Varsity 8 PM:

St. Lawrence: 7:24.45 Skidmore: 7:38.95

Ithaca: 7:10.0 Smith: 7:30.0

Second Varsity 8 – Ithaca: 7:08.0 Smith: 7:21.0 Skidmore: 7:47.0

Third Varsity 8 – Ithaca: 7:28.67 Smith: 7:49.59 Ithaca 4V: 8:01.81

Frosh/Novice 8 – Ithaca: 7:34.8 St. Lawrence: 7:36.7 Skidmore: 8:05.1 

Second Frosh/Novice 8 – Ithaca: 7:55.0 Ithaca 3N: 8:02.0 Smith: 8:27.0 


This weekend was nothing short of successful for IC Crew! The Men’s Varsity 8 boat traveled to Mercer, New Jersey in order to compete in the Knecht Cup. On Saturday, they won their morning heat with a time of 5:58.49 beating out top lightweight program Delaware and rival Trinity. The afternoon brought even more success as they won their Semi-Final as well with a time of 5:57.94 in order to solidify their position in the Grand Final on Sunday. In their Grand Final on Sunday, the Men’s Varsity boat took the bronze in a great race against really competitive boats! Their time of 6:04.72 was only bested by Hobart and Drexel and they were open water ahead of the other crews in the race. 

Meanwhile, while the Men’s Varsity Boat saw success in New Jersey, they rest of the team swept the competition against St. Lawrence, Skidmore and Smith. Due to the fact that the Men’s Varsity Boat was not racing at home, the Second Varsity and the Third Varsity Boats raced a level above their normal competition with the Second Varsity 8 racing in the 1V category and the Third Varsity 8 racing in the 2V category. The Men’s Second Varsity 8 had a close race with the Skidmore 1V and ended up winning by about 2 seconds with a season best time of 6:19.1. The Men’s Third Varsity 8 also had a great race against the St. Lawrence 2V, and they ended up winning by 7 seconds with a season best time of 6:33.71, which was a whopping 21 seconds faster than their time the previous weekend against RIT. The Freshman boat dominated in their race against Skidmore winning by 51 seconds with a time of 6:27.67 which was also a season best time for them! And finally the varsity 4 had a really close and competitive race against the Skidmore Varsity 4. After trailing for most of the race, they put on a great sprint in order to beat the Skidmore Varsity 4 out by 5 seconds with a time of 7:16.0 which was 21 seconds faster than their time of 7:37.7 that they posted against the University of Rochester the week before. 

The women also swept all of their events! Since St. Lawrence, Skidmore and Smith all brought Varsity boats to the event, the Women’s Varsity raced twice, once in the morning and once in the afternoon in a heat and final style of racing, with the winners of the morning heats racing each other and second place team’s racing against each other. Ithaca dominated their morning heat, winning against St. Lawrence by 25 seconds and posted a time of 7:02.0. In the afternoon they raced against the winner of the other morning heat, Smith. Ithaca put on yet another dominating performance posting a time of 7:10.0, which was 20 seconds faster than Smith. The Women’s Second Varsity boat raced in a 3 boat race in the morning against Smith and Skidmore, and they won with a time of 7:08.0 which was 13 seconds faster than second place Smith and 39 seconds faster than third place Skidmore. The Third Varsity 8 also won their race against Smith by 21 seconds, and the Second Novice Boat won their race, beating the Ithaca 3N by 7 seconds and Smith by 32 seconds. The closest race of the day came between the Ithaca 1N and the St. Lawrence 1N. Ithaca was down most of the race, however in the last 300 meters of the race, they put on a great sprint to edge out the St. Lawrence 1N by 2 seconds to take the victory. 

After the racing was completed, some members from the team decided to celebrate the great weekend of racing and take advantage of the great weather by jumping into the inlet. With parents and friends watching, they ran from one end of the dock to another and jumped into the freezing cold water. Some, even decided to jump in twice. It was a great way to end a fantastic weekend of racing and celebrate the last home race of the season. 

Out of the past 3 home races the Ithaca Bombers have had, only the RIT Men’s Novice boat has been able to beat an Ithaca Boat. Ithaca swept all events against St. John Fisher and SUNY Geneseo, they swept all events against St. Lawrence, Skidmore and Smith and they won 7 out of their 8 races against the University of Rochester and Rochester Institute of Technology. And with the Men’s Varsity 8 also taking home the Bronze from a very competitive weekend of racing at the Knecht Cup, it is safe to say that IC Crew is off to a fantastic start to the season! Starting next week, the Bombers will head on the road to begin the traveling portion of their season. The team travels to Worcester, Massachusetts to take on teams such as Trinity, WPI, Holy Cross, Colby and others. For everyone that can make it, please come and support Ithaca College Crew as they continue their campaign to continue regular season success and States and ECAC Medals!







April 6th Ithaca Crew vs. St. John Fisher and SUNY Geneseo

Home Regatta: Saturday, April 12th against St. Lawrence, Smith, Skidmore.

The Varsity Men’s 8+ will be racing Knecht Cup at Mercer Lake

Regatta meeting 9:30 am
Lanes will be drawn at the regatta meeting

11:00am  Wv8                                      StL          IC

11:05       Wv8                                       SmC        SkC

11:15       Mv8                        IC            StL          Sk


11:40       Wn8                       IC            StL          SmC

11:45       M2v8                                      StL          IC


12:10pm  W3v8                   IC            IC 4v       SmC

12:15       W2v8                     IC            SmC        SkC


12:40       Mn8                                        SkC         IC

12:45       W2n8                     IC            IC 3n       SmC

1:15         M4                          IC            SkC         StL

1:20         Wv8                         2nd Place Race

1:30         Wv8                         1st   Place Race


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