IC Crew Starts off Fall Season at Challenge on the Canal!

Regatta Name: Challenge on the Canal
Host: William Smith
Participating Schools: William Smith, University of Rochester, Rochester Institute of Technology & St. John Fisher
Conditions: Sunny & warm with a light headwind and head current

This past weekend, after a long summer and four weeks on the water, Ithaca Men’s Varsity Crew and the Ithaca Women’s Varsity Sweep team travelled to the Hobart and William Smith boathouse in Geneva, NY to kick off their 2014 Fall Season! With sunny and warm conditions with little to no wind, it was a great day for all crews to get some great racing done!

It was an early morning, with athletes boarding the bus at the A&E Center at 6:30am. The early wake up call was worth it however, as athletes arrived at the race course with the water resembling glass, the sun rising and the wind blowing lightly.

After quickly unloading the trailer and getting all the boats rigged, 12 Varsity Men quickly launched on the water to head to the start line to participate in the first race of the day, the Men’s Varsity Four. The three Ithaca varsity fours had a great showing in their race, placing first, second and fourth out of six boats! Once those athletes arrived back at the docks however, they quickly had to get some water and a quick snack, because they were headed back out to participate once again in the Men’s Varsity 8 event. The Ithaca Men had a respectable showing with Ithaca taking third in the Varsity “A” category and first and third in the Varsity “B” category! Overall it was a good showing for the Varsity Men as they showed long time rivals University of Rochester and Rochester Insitute of Technology that Ithaca remains a force to be reckoned with.

The Women’s Varsity Sweep Team also had a very respectable showing on the water against some very tough competition. Ithaca took fourth out of five boats in the Varsity “A” category and fourth out of four boats in the Varsity “B” category. Many athletes, similar to the Men’s team, then had to get off the water and launch once again to participate in the Women’s Varsity Four category. In the Women’s Varsity 4 category, the Ithaca “A” entry finished second, only 6 seconds behind first place crew William Smith! Out of nine crews, the Ithaca “C” entry placed fourth and the Ithaca “B” entry finished eighth!

Overall, with many athletes racing twice, it was a very strong day for both Ithaca Men’s and Women’s Crew! Next weekend, Ithaca Crew heads to Rochester to participate in the Head of the Genesee. Some of the top crews in the North East such as Hobart, William Smith, Williams, Rochester, RIT, Mercyhurst and many others will be there, so it should be an exciting and competitive day of racing. With another week on the water, Ithaca will look to make strong improvements and will set their sights on the medal stands next week, so if you are in the area, please come and support Ithaca Crew!

Ithaca Men’s Crew Takes on the Seneca Canal!

On Saturday, September 20th, members of the Ithaca College Men’s Varsity Crew Team met down at the boathouse at 8:00am to drive to the end of Cayuga Lake to embark on a 55k trip to Seneca Lake. The row was supposed to occur the weekend before on September 13th, however, due to inclement weather, members of the team and coaching staff agreed to post pone the row to the following week.

Upon arrival at the boathouse, members of the team gathered in 5 cars and began the drive to the launching sight at the North End of Cayuga Lake. Even though it was a sunny and relatively warm day, there was still one concern that was going to make launching the boats a bit of a challenge, and that was the wind. The wind was causing white cap conditions on the lake, which would make launching and rowing very difficult. After arriving and failing to launch from the first two locations, the team made one last effort to go to one last location in an effort to get on the water!

At around 9:45am, the team arrived in Seneca Falls. Even though the wind was still gusting at times, the water was flat at the launch area, which meant that it was possible to get the boats on the water safely, and the row was still going to occur! Unfortunately, launching out of this sight meant that it subtracted about 16k round trip from the row, however, the team was thankful to get on the water at all that day! After rigging the boats and getting through a complicated launching process on a rather high dock, the crews were finally on the water and rowing through the Canal.

The weather was fantastic. With temperatures in the mid 60’s and relatively flat water, it was a great day to be on the water, despite the wind, which died down a significant amount compared to the beginning of the day! After rowing 8k, the two crews were met with a surprise, a lock! Both crews eagerly rowed into the lock and after about two minutes, the doors closed and they began to raise about 30 feet! After the crews were raised completely, the doors opened and they continued to row along the canal! After about another 8k, both crews arrived at the docks of the Hobart and William Smith boat house, where they were met with water and Subway sandwiches. The original plan was to row an additional 1,000 meters to Seneca Lake, however due to the windy conditions, the lake would not have been safe to row to.

After a short lunch break, the two crews launched once again and began the row back to Seneca Falls. The crews were only able to do a couple full pressure pieces, due to the fact that the canal was filled with a significant amount of weeds which kept getting caught in the rudders of the boats. This was giving the coxswains a great deal of trouble. Both crews went back down in the lock and they rowed back to the Seneca Falls dock. It was a great day of rowing, and even though the original plan of rowing from lake to lake fell through, rowers were still able to get a solid 30k in on the water with great weather conditions (minus the wind).

Both Ithaca College Crew Men’s and Women’s Teams compete at Hobart against William Smith, University of Rochester, Rochester Institute of Technology and St. John Fisher on Saturday, September 27th. If you are in the area, or want to take the trip, please come out and support Ithaca Crew in their first race of the season/year! Our campaign to State Championship and ECAC titles starts now!

Canal Row 2

Canal Row

Both Crews in the Lock!

Participating Rowers/Coxswains:
Kristen Handal – Junior
Alex Martin – Sophomore
Charlie Enright – Senior
J.P. Kelly – Sophomore
Jake Korinko – Senior
Joey Allegra – Senior
Ryan Tomanocy – Senior
Will Brown – Sophomore
Johnston Tucker – Sophomore
Ben Zerivitz – Freshman
Matt Dorio – Senior
Branden George – Junior
Kevin Davie – Senior
Dan Brauchli – Senior
Keith MacDonald – Senior
Paul Cassaro – Junior
Dylan Kershaw – Senior
Alex Lynn – Junior


Race;                                     At HWS Challenge on the Canal                      9/27/2014

Location;                              Geneva, NY

Participating schools:                        William Smith, UR, RIT,  and St. John Fisher.

Departure Time – location              54 athletes.   Meet bus and at 6:30am at A & E Center, east side entrance (opposite side of main campus).  Plan one hour driving time.

  • Directions to Race Course;  Leave Ithaca on route 96 north past hospital, through Trumansburg, Interlaken, and straight onto route 96A at the Ovid intersection towards Geneva.  In Geneva, turn right on route 20 east, proceed a short distance (past the muffler repair shop on the right) and turn right onto East Avenue.  Athlete drop-off will be here.  Cars and Buses should park at the corner lot or across the street at PEPPY’s.  A shuttle will be available.  You are discouraged from driving down East Avenue.
  • Race Schedule. Speak with your coach about arrival and launch times.   Everyone should be at the trailer at least 60 minutes before launch time.  Be prepared to rig shells immediately upon arrival.
  • Cox’n meeting 8:30am.
  • Mv4 launch 8:50 am   race 9:30 am        Crames, Del Lago, Semmler.
  • Wv8 launch 9:10          race 9:50               Moose, Tavelli.
  • Mv8 launch 9:50          race 10:30             OZ, Feitner, Dietz.
  • Wv4 launch 10:10        race 10:50             Crames, Del Lago, Semmler.

All race times are subject to change.

Race notes:           Head race through a narrow protected canal similar in width to the Ithaca inlet

Ithaca Crew Takes on Move-In Day

At the beginning of every year, nervous and eager freshman drive onto campus to begin their journeys as Ithaca College students. In order to assist new students and parents with the daunting task of moving into the dorms, Ithaca College has a move in crew made up of students and faculty in order to make the move in process a little more tolerable. 14 members of the Ithaca College Crew Team participated as members in the Move-In Crew, and provided exemplary service to new students and parents. Each student was assigned a dorm, and they would assist with moving students in for 2 hour shifts. A member and captain of the Women’s Crew Team, Krista Syracuse, mentioned that it was funny to watch the reactions of the parents when her and other members of the team would bombard each car, clearing it out in a matter of seconds. In the series of photographs attached, you can see Krista, Rachel Dowd, Madeline Peterson, Ashley Watson, Sarah Muroski and Tara Malone clearing out a full car in 23 seconds! It was great to see Ithaca Crew being represented well off the water, exemplifying hard work ethic and selflessness. We are excited for the Fall Season to start! Please follow the blog and check in for weekly updates about any events, racing results and achievements that the team is involved in!

List of Ithaca Crew Participants:
Brendan Canale (East Tower)
Natalie Grande (East Tower)
Jason Manrow (West Tower)
Victoria Ayvazian (West Tower)
Kaleigh Ritter (West Tower)
Alex Lynn (Tallcott)
Jack Schattner (Hilliard/Hood)
Catherine Felicetti (Rowland)
Krista Syracuse (Holmes)
Rachel Dowd (Holmes)
Madeline Peterson (Holmes)
Ashley Watson (Holmes)
Sarah Muroski (Holmes)
Tara Malone (Holmes)

Step 1!

Step 1!

Step 2!

Step 2!

Step 3!

Step 3!

23 seconds later, and they are finished!

23 seconds later, and they are finished!

ECAC Crew Itinerary

Race;                                     5/10-11/2013

Location;                              Worcester, MA – Lake Quinsigamond

Participating schools:                       ECAC National Invitational Collegiate Regatta

Departure Time – location              Meet buses at the A & E Center on Saturday, May 10, at 8:45 am for a 9:00 departure.  Buses should stop once at Cross-gates Mallfor a light lunch (30 minutes).  From there buses will drive directly to race course so that athletes can rig shells and practice on the course.  ETA Worcester at 3:00pm.

Directions to Race Course;               Leave Ithaca on route 79 east to Whitney Point, onto route 206 east to Bainbridge, onto I-88 east towards Albany.  I-88 ends at I-90.   Go east on I-90 past Albany, towards Boston, and onto the Mass. Pike which is still I-90.  Exit from Mass Pike at Worcester (exit 10) to I-290 east through the city.  Exit 15 for Shrewsbury Street, follow this to the end and it will merge right onto route 9 east.  Go about ½  mile to the last traffic light (Lake Ave.) before crossing the bridge over the lake.  Turn left here and Regatta Point Park is immediately on the right.

Directions to hotel;            To the Econolodge Inn & Suites return to route 9 and head east (cross the bridge on the lake).  Proceed between 3-4 miles and the hotel will be on the right, right after the Sears and Christmas Tree Plaza.  Econolodge Inn & Suites, 380 Southwest Cutoff, Northborough, MA   01354.  phone; 508-842-8941.

Time table:         

3– 6:00 pm           Rig shells and practice on the course.  Cox’ns must check-in with coach and                                          Chief Referee before going on the water

6:00 pm                   Hotel check-in

6:30 or 7:15 pm   Dinner (pre-paid) at JJ’s in the hotel parking lot –
women at 6:30, men at 7:15.

9:00 pm                   Team meetings.

Sunday race schedule (subject to change)     report 90 minutes prior to race time, launch 45 min. prior.

7:00 am                 regatta meeting for coxswains and coaches.  Cox’ns weigh-in after this meeting.

8:20 ma                 Mo4       heats 1-3 to final, others to petitie

8:40 am                 W3v8     heats, 1-3 to final, others to petite.

9:00 am                 M3v8     same as above

9:20 am                 Wn8       same as above.

9:50 am                W2v8     heats, 1-2 to final, 3-4 to petite, others to 3rd level final.

10:20 am              M2v8     same as W2v8.

10:50 am              Wv8       same as W2v8.

11:20 am              Mv8       same as W2v8.

1:20 pm                 MV4     final

1:40 pm                 W2N8     finals

2:00                        W3v8     finals

2:20                       M3V8 finals

2:40                        Wn8       finals

3:10                        Mn8       finals

3:20                        W2v8     finals

3:50                        M2v8     finals

4:20, or 5:00       Wv8       finals

4:50 or 5:20          Mv8       finals


Race notes:           All races are 2000 meters with stake boat starts, buoyed course.  There are medals for the top 3 crews in each race.  Everyone races  twice regardless of heat placing, except Mn8 and W2n8 which are pm final only.

Plan for meals:   Everyone will get $10.00.Saturday lunch is a bus stop at a mall food-court.  Saturday team dinner is pre-paid at a local restaurant adjacent to the hotel.  Hotel provides continental breakfast.  Sunday post-race food is from the tent.

Other Information:           Don’t forget your racing uniform and your BETTING SHIRT.  Bring warm clothes, rain gear, and two changes of rowing gear.  De-rig immediately after final racing and load trailer

Return to Ithaca:.  Buses will leave after racing on Sunday evening, about 6:30pm.  We will return directly to Ithaca College, E.T.A. Sunday is 12 midnight..



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