Helical Piles

This step has been slower than expected and we have run into some complications that are still being sorted out.  The first test pile was put in on October 6th.  It went down 92 feet before the 10,000 lbs of torque was met.  There was some question as to whether the torque meter was working correctly.  The anticipated depth was 65 feet.  The pile gets “screwed” into the ground in 10 foot lengths.  Each 10 foot length is attached to the next until the appropriate depth is reached.  Once the pile is in place, grout is poured around the pile.  After 5 days the pile gets tested by loading it to 2x the building weight.  If it passes, then it is removed, and the 32 piles that will hold the foundation in place will be installed.  The second set of piles went in a week later, they all reacted like the first and went down about 90+ feet.  A third test pile was put in on Friday, 10/24, this one is at a depth of 85 feet and the contractors are hoping to do the testing next week Wednesday in order to get the job moving again.


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