Grade Beams

On Wednesday, Nov. 17th two Architecture classes from Ithaca College came down to view the site and talk with the construction team. Rick Couture, head of facilities at Ithaca College led the discussion. Ram Venkat, lead architect shared the planning and background piece, and the onsite supervisor, Gary led the tour. There is not a lot too see, but it is still exciting (for me) to see the progress. The project for the day (week) was creating the re-bar frame that will form the skeleton of the grade beams.

While all of that work was going on at the North end of the site, the athletes were busy packing all of the equipment up for Winter Storage. Again the folks in facilities outdid themselves by finding us the perfect storage facility for our equipment to hibernate in over the winter. Dan and I drove the last load of “stuff” out on Monday the 21st. I thought the space was ideal and had to take some photos. We also set a record for early loading of the trailer for Spring trip. Yup, our last load is all of the training equipment that we will take south with us 4 months from now.


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