The Walls are Going Up!

The beginning of the week was spent putting in the plumbing for the bathrooms, showers, drinking fountain and utility sink, which will be in the shop.  The grade beams are now buried and the large pile of dirt that was excavated was used to fill around the outside of the building and also between the grade beams.  Additional material was brought in to complete the job.  A special grade of fill was needed between the grade beams which will provide the subsurface for the concrete floor.  On Friday, Dec16th the walls started to go up.  The subcontractors had a few set backs on the first two walls, but then got into a groove and had 5 sections up by the end of the day.  They returned Saturday to continue work.  Below are videos from Friday and pictures from Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Several photos show the grade beams and fill, the plumbing and the walls at various stages.  There are also two pictures of some sample stone that will be used to stabilize the shoreline near the docks.  On Monday the steel columns are expected to arrive and the walls will get tied together.  The next step is to complete the building: roof, mezzanine ect.

The following videos are three short clips showing how the wall was put into place.


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