Heat Tubing and Stone Siding

The bulk of the work over the past two weeks has centered around laying the rebar and heat tubing that will be encased in the concrete floor.   The rebar grid alone is impressive, but the coils of heat tubing are expansive.  As you can imagine we are not going to be able to drill into the floor and several advanced arrangements needed to be made so the boat racks could be fastened to the concrete floor.  If you look closely at some of the pictures you can see some bars that run North and South.  Those are uni-struts and will be the anchor points for the racks.  Each rack has a corresponding 8 ft uni-strut on the floor.  This will allow us to set them for the boats we have now and then move them if ever we need to in the future.

The other part of the project that got started was the stone face on the outside of the building.  There are three layers of insulation and water barrier materials between the plywood and the stone.


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