Concrete Floor and Interior Walls

The following pictures cover several aspects of the project.

Right before the crew traveled south for spring training, the concrete floor was poured.  once again the cement mixers rolled in and the pumper truck.  The floor was not as much concrete as the grade beams, but seeing the guys tramp around and smooth out the floor was impressive.

While all this was going on inside, the masons arrived and started work on the stone work around the base of the exterior walls.  Between 1 and 3 guys work this job, chipping and fitting the stone.  It will take them about three weeks to complete their work.  It is a beautiful work of art.

Once the concrete floor cured work commenced on the framing of the interior walls.  Now that the majority of the walls are in place both plumbing and electrical runs are going in.

The last piece of news that we got this week was that all permits and approvals were given to continue the stone retaining wall on the waterfront so it goes the entire length of the dock area across the front of the boathouse.


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