April 13th Regatta Information

Ithaca vs. Skidmore, Smith and St. Lawrence

Regatta meeting 9:45 am

Lanes will be drawn at the regatta meeting

11:20   Wv8                             IC        Skid

11:30   Wv8                             StL       Smith

11:40   W3v8                           IC        Smith

11:50   M2v8                           IC        StL

12:00   Wn8                             IC        Smith

12:10   W4 a                            IC        Skid

12:20   W2v8               IC        StL       Smith

12:50   Mv8                 IC        StL       Skid

12:55   M4                               IC        Skid

1:20     Wv8                            11:20 vs 11:30
race winner – faster time in lane 2

1:30     Wv8                             other Wv8 crews

1:40     W2n8                          IC        Smith

1:50     W4 b                           IC        StL

2:00     Mn8              StL       IC a     IC b


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