NY States Race Itinerary, May 4th – 5th

Race and date;  New York State Championships, May 4-5, 2013.
Location;  DorchesterPark, WhitneyPointLake, WhitneyPoint

Departure Time – location   Load vans at the A & E Center beginning at 1:20pm on Saturday, May 4.  Depart at 1:30pm.  We are commuting so everyone will return on Saturday evening.   Van drivers are listed below. (# in parenthesis refers to extra seats in the van….(-) means there are too many in that van!)


Mv8 –Lamb (2)   Wv8 – VanDerVeeKan (2)  W2v8 –Wuest (2)   W3v8 – Stafford (2)  M2v8 –Casey (2)

Wv4 – scattered into extra seats  M3v8 – Alfano (-2)  Mn4 scattered into extra seats

Mn8 – Doell (-2)  Wlwt4 & Wn4 – Barnett (-3)  Wn8 – Greene (-2)


SUNDAY – Be on time!

Wv8, Mv8, Wv4, Wn8  (Lamb, Greene, Van DerVeeKan, other?).   3 vans  Load 5:30 am.

M2v8, Mn8, Wn4, Mn4  (Casey, Barnett, Doell)  3 vans  Load 6:30 am.

BE PREPARED FOR WEATHER DELAYS – take study materials with you.  Saturday delays may push races over to Sunday.

  • Directions to Race Course;       Leave Ithaca on route 79 east all the way to WhitneyPoint.  In Whitney Point turn left (east) on route 206, cross bridge and immediately turn left following signs for Dorchester Park.  It is just over a mile up the hill, on the left…DorchesterPark.
  • Race Schedule.            Speak with your coach about arrival and launch times. Generally launch time is 45 minutes before race time.  The times below are subject to change.
  • 2:30 pm – Regatta meeting for coaches and coxswains
  • Wv8               4:00 pm heat – 1-3 to final, 4-6 to petite.                                       SUNDAY (finals)
  • Mv8               4:16 pm heat – 1-3 to final, 4-6 to petite                                        Wv8 – 8:00 am.
  • Wv4               4:32 pm heat – 1-3 to final, 4-6 to petite                        .               Mv8 – 8:16 am
  • Wn8               5:04pm heat  – 1-3 to final, others to petite                                    Wv4 – 8:32 am
  • Mn8               5:20pm heat – 1-3 to final, others to petite                    .               Wn8 – 9:04 am.
  • M2v8             5:36pm heat – 1-3 to final, others to petite                                    Mn8 – 9:20 am.
  • Wn4               5:52pm heat – 1-3 to final, 4-6 to petite                                         M2v8– 9:36 am.
  • Mn4               6:08pm heat – 1-3 to final, 4-6 to petite                                         Wn4 – 9:52 am.
  • W2v8             6:24pm final                                                                                        Mn4 – 10:08 am.
  • Wlwt4            6:32pm final
  • W3v8             6:48pm final
  • M3v8             6:56pm final

Race notes:           All races are 2000 meters with stake boat starts.  There are medals for the winning crew in each race, silver if there are 3 crews, bronze if there are 4 or more.               

Other Information:           Don’t forget your racing uniform..  Bring warm clothes, rain gear, and two changes of rowing gear.  You will receive some food money.  Plan you r own breakfast and lunch for Saturday.  The food tent will be there both days for post-race chow!  We will be back on campus by 9pm on Saturday and 12:30pm on Sunday, assuming there are no weather delays

Plan for weather delays (worst case scenario) – take study materials with you.


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