Leadership Group Nominations Due 10AM Wednesday

Ithaca Crew Members,
I will be running leadership meetings every other Thursday from 12:15-1:00PM in the Lord Conference room.  The meetings will continue throughout the semester.  This year, I would like the group to include equal numbers of varsity men and varsity women.  I think 16-18 participants would be ideal.  The first meeting is scheduled for this Thursday 9/5.  (This could be put off until the 19th if we do not have enough quick interest)


  • You may nominate yourself or you may nominate a teammate.
  • Please make sure that you (or the person you nominate) is available and willing to make the commitment to the group.
  • Please include 2-3 sentences (not too long) as to why you feel this person should be part of the Leadership Group.
  • Send nominations to iccrew@ithaca.edu by 10am, Wednesday 9/4.  I will make a notification by 2PM that day.

First topic: Building Trust within a “new team”

Becky Robinson


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