Cayuga Sculling Sprints 9.29.13

Medals will be awarded to the top finishing crews in the following rae categories.

Collegiate women’s single

Collegiate lwt women’s single

Collegiate women’s double

Collegiate lwt women’s double

Collegiate coxed quad


Tentative Race Schedule

Launch time     Start Time     Event

                               9:00                  Coaches, Bows and Coxswain Meeting

10:00                 2K Time Trial

9:15                                                 4x+

9:20                                                 2x

9:25                                                 1x

11:30                 1K Head to Head Sprint Race

11:00                                                Bows 1-6

11:05                                                Bows 7-12

11:10                                                Bows 13-18


1:00                   Award Ceremony


2K Time Trial

The 2K will be run in Lanes 2 and Lanes 3 of the Cayuga Inlet racecourse.  Even bow numbers will race in Lane 2 and odd bow numbers will race in Lane 3.  The race will start at the bottom of the canal. Boats will row into the piece starting in alternate lanes at 30” intervals.  The finish line will be at the Northern tip of Inlet Island.  Times will be taken and all boats will be paired for the 1K-sprint race based on 2k-time trial.  Fastest time will race second fastest time ect., regardless of boat class.  If there are an odd number of crews, the boat with the slowest 2k times will race alone in the 1K sprint.


1K Sprint Race

The 1K will be run from a dead stop.  Starting commands will be “Attention GO”.  The entire 1K will be below the bridges on the straight part of the canal.   Boats will be started at approximately 1-2 minute intervals.  The start order will be the slowest pair to the fastest pair.


Warm-up and cool down Traffic Pattern

Launch bow first off the Ithaca College docks.  Warm-up is counter clockwise. Stay to the right.  We recommend turning at the research buoy (red buoy and yellow channel marker).  Cross over and proceed to the start in the warm-up lane.  Between the bridges there will be large red buoys separating the warm-up lane from the racecourse.  Below the bridges, there is a buoy line separating the warm-up lane from the racing lanes.  Between races, all boats should return to the docks to pick up their sprint bow number. Once across the finish line, paddle toward the Cornell docks (hard right), spin and return to the Ithaca College docks.


The address of the boathouse is 692 Third Street Extension (however, it does not show up on most GPS devices).  The following link will show the location of the boathouse.  If you zoom in on the location you will be able to view it.,-75.770041&sspn=4.146767,5.910645&hq=ithaca+college+boathouse&t=m&z=7





Trailers and visiting team vehicles should park in the Ithaca College Boathouse parking lot.  The Northern section of the parking lot can fit two trailers and the Southern section can fit buses, vans and cars.  (see parking map).


FROM RT 79 West: Follow 79W through town, turn Right on RT 13 North. (see below)

FROM RT 13 NORTH: Turn left on Third Street (Aldi’s)

FROM RT 13 SOUTH: Turn right on Third Street (Aldi’s)

Cross the RR track and take an immediate left on third Street Extension (no street sign).  Continue past the Cornell BH.  The Ithaca College BH will be on the right; the parking lot is just past the BH.  Trailers should park in the first ½ of parking lot.  Team vehicles can use the second ½ of the parking lot.  Spectators should follow alternate directions below.


SPECTATOR PARKING AREA: Spectator parking is available across the RR track at Pallisades.  Please do not park in the small lot that belongs to Casella (see parking  map).

FROM ROUTE 13 NORTH: Turn left on Cascadilla Street (Purity Ice cream)

FROM ROUTE 13 SOUTH: Turn right on Cascadilla Street (just after Moribito Gas Station)

Once on Cascadilla, turn right at Rick’s Rent All.  Drive to the parking lot on the far side of the Pallisades building.


SPECTATOR VIEWING AREAS: The best viewing is from Rt 13A or Old Taugannock Blvd (see race course map)

Directions from BH to:

Rt 13A: Take 13 S turn right on 79W. Cross the inlet and take an immediate left on 13A.  There are pull off parking areas on the left.  (viewing for both 2k time trial and 1K sprint racing)

Old Taughannock Blvd: take 13 S, turn right on Buffalo Street, turn right on Old Taugannock Blvd (89N).  Do not cross the bridge.  There will be a parking area on the left just past the ramp up the bridge. (Viewing for 2k time trial only)



Boathouse phone number: 607 273-3104

Coaches cell phones:

Becky Robinson: 607 229-8868

Beth Greene:


Cayuga Sculling Sprints Course Information


  1. Please launch in bow number order if possible.  Bow numbers will be provided by the regatta, please return after each race.
  2. Boats will launch bow first.
  4. During the warm-up, do not allow any part of your blades or shell to cross the buoy line at any time. The race course and warm up lane are divided by large red buoys and a bouy line in the lower canal.
  5. Be careful of red research buoy and the yellow research marker.  They are about 1000 meters from the docks and are a good place to turn around in the warm-up.
  6. There are two shallow spots in the warm-up lane.  The will be marked, don’t row too close to shore.
  7. Crews should be in the staging area, in bow order, 5 minutes prior to the start.
  8. In the 2K time trial, there is very little space beyond the starting line.  Boats will need to cue up in the warm-up lane ready to race once they turn.  Please BE CAREFUL of shallow water below the starting line on the Lane 3 side of the inlet.
  9. In the 1K Sprint, there will be 250 meters to cue up.  Boats should be in the appropriate lane and in race order.
  10. Right of way- Boats being overtaken must yield to the faster boat and make a clear attempt to give the right of way.
  11. It is the responsibility of each boat to stay in their lane and not interfere with the other racing boats.  Penalties will be assessed for crews that do not stay in there lane.
  12. Racing boats that create a wash for a trailing crew is not considered to be an impediment.
  13. No foul language or unsportsmanlike conduct will be tolerated.  It is up to the discretion of the Official to levy an appropriate penalty which might include but is not limited to: assessing a time penalty, or disqualification.
  14. The finish line will be marked with a RED buoy either a flag or an air horn will mark the completion of the course.
  15. Once you have crossed the finish line, paddle to the right pointing at the Cornell boathouse, once across the inlet, turn and return to the IC docks.

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