Race;                                     Saturday                               10/5/2013             Head of the Genesee

Location;                              University of Rochester.

Participating schools:                       Hobart, William Smith, Mercyhurst, UR, Buffalo,  RPI, RIT, Canisius, others.

Participating athletes:                      Men’s and women’s varsity crew; travel party = 73 athletes + 4 coaches.

Departure Time – location              Meet bus at A & E Center at 5:45 am.   Drive directly to race course, rig shells, and prepare to race.   There are limited changing facilities so travel in racing gear if possible. 


  • Directions to Race Course;       Leave Ithaca on route 89 north along the west side of the lake.  At the end of the lake turn left on route 20 then an immediate right  onto route 318, following the signs for NYS thruway; I-90 west.  Go west on thruway to exit 46.  Proceed north on I-390.  Stay in the left lane when it splits towards the airport.  Exit at East Henrietta Road (this is the second E. Henrietta exit – ignore the first one).  Turn right (north) and follow this as it merges with Mt. Hope Ave.  Continue and turn left on Elmwood, just past the Towne House motel on the left.  Proceed west on Elmwood, cross over the river, and take the next left into the regatta area.  Plan almost 2 hours driving time


Race Schedule.    Speak with your coach about arrival and launch times. Generally race time is 45 minutes after launch time.  The times below are subject to change.


                                Regatta meeting for cox’ns               7:45am

                                W2x       am race – launch 8:30, race 9:15                    pm race – launch approx. 1:00

                                Mnov8   launch 8:50, race 9:35                                     no pm race

                                Wnov8   launch 9:05, race 9:50                                     no pm race

                                Mv8       am race –  launch  10:15, race 11:00              pm race – launch approx.3:00

                                Wv8       am race –   launch 10:40, race 11:25               pm race – launch approx. 3:10.


Race notes:  all crews race a 5k head race.  Varsity crews will race a 1500m piece in the afternoon.  The piece’s time will be tripled, then added to your 5k time to give an overall “score.”  There are medals for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.


Other Information:           Don’t forget your uniform.  There will be some food at the team tent for between and after races.

BE PREPARED FOR BAD WEATHER. Prepare snacks for the ride in the morning (breakfast).  BRING A FULL WATER BOTTLE.  The only facilities may be port-a-johns.  Pack two pairs of racing clothes to have something dry for race #2.

Return to Ithaca:. De-rig immediately after racing and load trailer.   No one is excused until all Ithaca crews are done racing.  Let’s support our team-mates.  We will return directly to Ithaca College, E.T.A. Saturday is 7:00 pm. 




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