Location;                                   Saratoga, NY

Participating athletes:        18 w/ varsity sculling, 36 w/ women’s crew, 31 w/ men’s crew, 4 coaches.  85 total.

Departure Time – location Meet first bus at A & E Center on Friday, 5:15 pm.  Eat dinner before boarding bus.  Bus will drive directly to hotel.  Directions below.  Second bus will meet on Saturday at 6:30 am at the A & E Center.  Drive directly to race course, rig shells and prepare to race.   There are limited changing facilities so travel in racing gear if possible.  See detailed bus timeline below.

  • Directions to Race Course;          Leave Ithaca on route 79 east to Whitney Point.  Turn left on route 206 east to Bainbridge.  Get on I-88 east towards Albany.  On to I-90 east to exit 24.  Proceed through toll booths and get on I-87 north.  Proceed to exit 14.  Take a left at the exit ramp onto route 9P east towards Saratoga Lake.  Go past Gilbert Rd, Longfellows Inn & Restaurant, through the light and down the hill. Cross over the bridge and take a left immediately after the bridge.  Bear right into Lee’s Park lot, or left into the NYS Boat Launch parking lot. .
  • Directions to hotel; To the Comfort Inn & Suites, 99 Miller Road, Castleton, NY(518-479-3217).  On I-90, proceed through exit 24 and continue on I-90 towards Boston.   Exit from I-90, southeast of Albany at Exit 10, right off the ramp and the hotel is right there.  Return on I-90 west the next morning and follow above directions to race course, about 40 minutes.

Race Schedule.       Speak with your coach about arrival and launch times. Generally launch time is 45 minutes before race time.  The times below are subject to change.                   Regatta meeting – 6:30am

women’s collegiate 1x                 race 9:00am, launch 8:15am.

Women’s collegiate 2x                 4  IC entries              race 9:11, launch 8:25

Women’s varsity 8 – Eldred.      race 10:30 launch 9:45.

Women’s 2v8 – Moose.                race 10:37, launch 9:50.

Women’s Open light 2x               race 12:37, launch 11:50.

Women’s  college 4x –                  3  IC entries              race 12:51, launch 12:05.

Women’s masters 2x                    race 1:08, launch 12:25.

Men’s v8 – Feitner                          race 1:50, launch 1:05.

Men’s 2v8 – Tallman                       race 1:58, launch 1:15.

Women’s novice 8 –Kearing, Ross Racer            race 2:05, launch 1:20.

–                                  Women’s college 4 – Del lago, Semmler, Ithaca     race 2:32, launch 1:45.

–                                  Men’s open 8 – Feitner                  race 3:00, launch 2:15*

–                                  Men’s JV open 8 – Tallman            race 3:03, launch 2:15*

Precise race times subject to change.                   * – meet shell at dock.

Race notes:             3.5k Head race against the clock and many opponents.

Other Information:   Don’t forget your uniform.  This race has extreme congestion including long waits for docking and launching.

BE PREPARED FOR BAD WEATHER. Prepare snacks for the ride in the morning (breakfast).  BRING A FULL WATER BOTTLE.  The only facilities may be port-a-johns.  Pack dry clothes for the ride home.


Friday bus: Fitz 38 passenger bus        5:15 pm, 10/25, pick-up athletes at A & E Center, drive directly to hotel.

1x & 2x scullers and varsity women     6:15 am, 10/26, leave hotel for race course.

All coxswains                                             4:00pm, 10/26. Depart race course for Ithaca.

Saturday bus:  Fitz 55 passenger bus  6:30 am, 10/26, pick-up athletes at A & E Center, drive directly to race course.

All men and novice women, 4x rowers                  5:00 pm, 10/26, Depart race course for Ithaca.


There will be no shuttle needs at the event.  Buses will be directed on where to park.  A $40 fee has been paid to cover parking.  It will be helpful to have the bus accessible when it is parked.  Please leave cell-phone number with assistant coach so you can be called for athlete pick-up.  Estimated time for final athlete loading is 4:00 pm – load bus for return trip home.  Meal stop to be discussed before departure.

Late Bus may not get on the road home until 4:30 pm.

ETA I Ithaca is 8:30 pm if a dinner stop is made.

Please contact Ithaca College if this bus schedule is not within the rules.  THANKS!



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