Ithaca Men’s Crew vs. Hobart and Cornell Lightweights

Location: Ithaca, New York (Cayuga Inlet)

Date: March 30, 2014

Time: 11:30am to 4:00pm with short break in the afternoon.

Participating Crews: AM- Ithaca and Hobart PM- Ithaca, Hobart and Cornell Lightweights 

Participating Athletes: Men’s Team, 3 Varsity Eights and 1st Freshman Eight


On March 30, 2014, athletes on the Ithaca College Men’s Crew Team headed down to the Boathouse at 10:30am in order to race long time rivals Hobart. However, this was not your average spring day. Over the course of the evening, freezing rain and a wintery mix made conditions for rowing the next day less than ideal. With temperatures in the high 20’s to low 30’s and a strong headwind creating rolling waves on the inlet, the racing conditions were not favorable. However, this didn’t stop Ithaca and Hobart from doing competitive pieces on the water. Due to the rolling waves occurring in the last 1,000 meters of the race course, both teams decided not to participate in a 2,000 meter race. Instead, both teams participated in two 1,200 meter pieces on the lower inlet. At around 11:30am boats from each team launched and headed down to the bottom of the inlet. Once all boats were at the bottom of the inlet, each corresponding boat from each team lined up against another and did their first 1,200 meter piece with a starting sequence. After completing the first heat, each boat turned around and headed back down the inlet for the second piece. The second piece was meant to correspond to the second half of a race, so each boat would line-up and begin the piece off the paddle, and then build up to race pace for the remainder of the piece. The morning was a success, with each boat from each team racing twice. Hobart showed some great speed in the morning, however Ithaca boats were hopeful about the afternoon heats and their speed in the future. 


After taking a short break in the afternoon, athletes headed back out on the water to participate in more pieces with Hobart and the Cornell Lightweight Team. The temperatures didn’t seem to rise one bit and the wind had gotten a bit stronger. In the afternoon, Ithaca only raced three Varsity Eights, with some of the freshman from the novice boat filling in for athletes who were not able to race in the afternoon. The afternoon was run on the same system as the morning. There were six flights of races in the afternoon with each race starting every five minutes or so. The match-ups in the afternoon were exciting! Normally, Ithaca and Hobart don’t have the ability to race against Cornell, so having the ability to compare speed with a great program such as Cornell was a great experience. The afternoon saw great improvement for Ithaca Boats, with the Ithaca Varsity 8 beating the Cornell Second Lightweight Boat and the Hobart Varsity 8, after losing to them in the morning. The Second Varsity 8 saw match-ups against the Hobart 3V and the Cornell Lightweight 3V. And the Ithaca Third Varsity 8 saw match-ups with the Cornell Lightweight First Freshman 8 and the Hobart 4V. Each boat was pleased with their afternoon performance, with each boat closing gaps on boats that had beaten them in the morning and even winning against boats in new match-ups. After only having two days of water time since Georgia prior to this race, the team is excited to get back on the water and improve their speed. With the exception of Tuesday off, the team has a full week of practice and they are anxious to race next Saturday, April 5th against the University of Rochester and Rochester Institute of Technology. 




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