Saturday, April 5th Home vs University of Rochester and Rochester Institute of Technology

Coaches and Coxwains Meeting – 10:00 am.
Lanes will be drawn prior to the regatta meeting.
Officials; Steve Lahr, Ward Romer

11:30 am             Wv8       UR          IC          RIT
11:35                   Mv8       UR          IC           RIT
12:00                   W2v8     UR          IC           RIT
12:05                   M2v8     UR          IC           RIT

12:30pm              Mn8       IC 3v      IC           RIT
12:35                   Wn8       IC           IC 2n      RIT

1:00pm                 W3v8     UR          IC          IC 4v

1:30                      M4          UR          IC 4v     IC fn


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