April 5th, 2014 Ithaca vs. University of Rochester and Rochester Institute of Technology

Date: April 5th, 2014 

Location: Cayuga Inlet

Participating Crews: Ithaca College, University of Rochester and Rochester Institute of Technology (Men’s and Women’s Crew) 

Conditions: Cold with variable wind. Light tail in the first 1000, turning into a moderate headwind in the last 1000. 

Ithaca Women’s Results:

Varsity 8 – Ithaca: 7:12.1 Rochester: 7:21.7 RIT: 7:26.2

Second Varsity 8 – Ithaca: 7:22.9 RIT: 7:33.2 Rochester: 7:42.2

Women’s 8– Ithaca 3V: 7:49.6 Rochester Novice 8: 8:11.2 Ithaca 2N: 8:13.9

Frosh/Novice 8– Ithaca 1N: 7:50.9 Ithaca 4V: 7:51.5 RIT: 8:02.3


Ithaca Men’s Results:

Varsity 8 – Ithaca: 6:07.3 RIT: 6:22.5 Rochester: 6:31.0

Second Varsity 8 – Ithaca: 6:27.8 RIT: 6:39.8 Rochester: 6:47.7

Frosh/Novice 8 – RIT: 6:40.3 Ithaca 1N: 6:42.5 Ithaca 3V: 6:54.3

Men’s Four – Ithaca: 7:37.7 Ithaca Novice 4: 8:20.6 Rochester Novice 4: 8:25.8


April 5th turned out to be a cold and windy spring day. However, the minor snow flurries and cold temperatures didn’t stop the University of Rochester and Rochester Institute of Technology from making the trip to the Cayuga Inlet to participate in a day of racing. Conditions were much better from the previous weekend, when the Ithaca Men hosted Hobart. Even though it was a little cold, the temperatures were higher than the weekend before and the wind was a lot less severe. The water was relatively flat over the course of the 2000 meter course, with a light tailwind in the first 1000, with the wind changing to a moderate headwind in the last 1000. It was a fantastic day of racing for the Bombers! The Ithaca women swept Rochester and RIT and the Ithaca Men won 3 out of their 4 races, with only the RIT novice boat besting the Ithaca 1N and the Ithaca 3V. This was the first race of the Spring Season for the Ithaca Women, and they definitely started their season off strong, and they are going to be looking to continue their success next weekend against St. Lawrence, Skidmore and Smith. The Ithaca Men’s Second Varsity, Third Varsity, Freshman and Varsity Four Boats will take to the inlet against St. Lawrence and Skidmore next weekend, while the Men’s Varsity 8 will travel to New Jersey to participate in the Knecht Cup. 


This race also served as Senior Day. Senior Day usually takes place the following weekend when we race St. Lawrence and Skidmore, however, due to the fact that the Men’s Varsity 8 is made up of 8 seniors and they are traveling the weekend of that race this year, Senior Day was moved a weekend ahead. Before the races commenced, the Ithaca Seniors were called in front of the boathouse and were honored for their dedication and commitment to the team over their 4 years with the program. With a great day of racing, the Seniors on the Men’s Team were able to get a strong win in their last home race. The Women’s Team seniors will participate in their last home race next weekend. After the races were finished, the seniors made their way out to the dock to participate in the traditional plunge into the inlet. The freezing temperatures both in and out of the water didn’t stop them as they all jumped into the inlet together. We are going to miss this senior class dearly next year and we are hoping that they all go out with a bang this season! 


2014 Seniors

Women’s Team: Madison Averett, Megan Barry, Lindsay Beatty, Caroline Dykstra, Maureen Gildea, Dominique Lessard, Lindsey Miller, Francesca Romeo, Julia Schaeffer, Anna Schenk and Stevie Theoharidis. 

Men’s Team: Alex Becker, Paul Casey, Tyler Edwards, Ethan Freedman, Erik Frid, Matthew Kurz, Ryan Myers, Christopher Noble, Darvin Perez and Andrew Voorhees.





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