Race;                                      4/26/2014

Location;                               Pittsfield, MA – Lake Onota

Participating schools:                        Williams (host) & Coast Guard

Departure Time – location                All crews and coaches will load bus at 4:50 pm at the A & E Center on Friday, 4/25, for a 5:00pm departure.  Eat dinner before you board the bus.  The bus will go directly to the hotel.

Directions to Race Course;                Leave Ithaca on route 79 east to Whitney Point, onto route 206 east to Bainbridge, onto I-88 east towards Albany.  I-88 ends at I-90.   Go east on I-90, exit the thruway for Albany and remain on I-90 east  Directions to hotel;    To the Comfort Inn & Suites, 99 Miller Road, Castleton, NY (518-479-3217), exit from I-90 south of Albany at Exit 10, right off the ramp and the hotel is right there.  Getting onto route 20 the next morning will be easy.   To the race course:  Just south east of Albany, take exit for route 20 east (Nassau).  Proceed on route 20 all the way into Pittsfield.  Shortly after the Pittsfield Plaza Shopping Center on the left, then Barker Road on the right, turn left on S. Merriam Street, go two blocks, and turn left again on West Street.  Heading west on West Street, proceed about 1 mile and turn right at the light onto Valentine, proceed past high school and fields on the right, and turn left into Burbank Park.  Proceed on park road, right at the fork, and follow to the end into a parking area.


Race Schedule:     Saturday will be a 5:30am wake-up!  Breakfast available at hotel.  Buses depart at 6:00 am.

                7:00 am   Regatta meeting

9:00 am   W3v8      Williams  Ithaca

9:10 am   M3v8      Ithaca      Williams

9:20 am   W1v8      CGA       Ithaca      Williams

9:40 am   M1v8      Williams  Ithaca      CGA

10:00am  W2v8      Williams  Ithaca

10:30am  M2v8      Williams  Ithaca      CGA

10:50am  Wfn8       Ithaca      CGA       Williams

11:10am  Mfn8       Trinity    Williams  Williams 2f              Ithaca


*Trinity and Wesleyan will be racing in a dual concurrent to our races.  Since Wesleyan does not have a fn8, the Trinity 8 will be in our Mfn8 race


Race notes:           All races are 2000 meters with staked starts where the cox holds an anchored buoy.

Plan for meals:    Eat dinner on campus on Friday before boarding bus.  Continental breakfast will be available at the hotel on Saturday morning.  The Family Tent will be at the race for post-race food.  The buses will return to Ithaca in time for dinner.

Other Information:             Don’t forget your racing uniform and betting shirt.  Bring warm clothes, rain gear, and two changes of rowing gear.  We will get $10 spending money for food/snacks.  The park may be soggy – bring boots.

Return to Ithaca:  de-rig and load immediately after racing.  Post race picnic and return for Ithaca approximately 12:30PM.  ETA in Ithaca 5:30PM





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