IC Crew Takes Home Overall Points Trophy at the New York State Championships!

Participating Schools: 27 Participating Schools

Location: Whitney Point, New York

Date: May 3 & 4, 2014 

Conditions: On Saturday there was variable rain, temperatures in the low 50’s with a moderate head wind. On Sunday it was sunny with temperatures in the mid to high 40’s with a strong cross wind.

Ithaca Women’s Results (Finals Only):


Varsity 8: William Smith – 7:14.65 Ithaca – 7:17.99 Marist – 7:19.98 Rochester – 7:20.33 RIT – 7:26.64 Union – 7:33.10

Second Varsity 8: William Smith – 7:59.27 Ithaca A – 8:10.88 RIT – 8:15.54 Ithaca B – 8:19.65 Rochester – 8:23.04 Union – 8:26.90 Marist – 8:28.34

Women’s Novice 8 Petite: SUNY Geneseo – 8:33.29 Ithaca B – 9:08.32

Women’s Novice 8 Grand Final: Ithaca A – 7:53.47 WIlliam Smith – 7:55.69 St. Lawrence – 7:56.45 RIT – 8:01.46 US Military Academy – 8:06.01 Skidmore – 8:31.90

Women’s Varsity 4 Petite Final: SUNY Geneseo – 8:59.33 Ithaca B – 9:07.00 Binghamton B – 9:13.77 NYU – 9:15.57 D’Youville – 9:21.08 Ithaca A – 9:44.10

Women’s Novice 4: Colgate – 9:07.21 Rochester – 9:30.65 US Military Academy – 9:36.64 Marist – 9:43.96 Union – 10:13.91 Ithaca – 10:39.61

Ithaca Men’s Results (Finals Only): 

Varsity 8: Hobart – 6:18.69 Ithaca – 6:20.94 US Military Academy – 6:26.02 RIT – 6:27.19 Marist – 6:28.93 Skidmore – 6:56.11

Second Varsity 8: Hobart – 6:36.02 Marist – 6:39.12 Ithaca -6:54.62 US Military Academy – 7:04.85 RIT – 7:05.75 St. Lawrence – 7:08.37

Third Varsity 8: Hobart A – 6:58.40 Marist – 7:06.08 Hobart B – 7:15.28 Ithaca – 7:18.14

Frosh/Novice 8: RIT – 6:59.18 Ithaca – 6:59.27 US Military Academy – 7:22.63 Buffalo – 7:38.68 Rensselaer – 7:40.38 Stony Brook – 8:05.48

Varsity 4: Colgate – 7:19.87 Binghamton A – 7:25.24 Clarkson A – 7:31.34 NY Maritime – 7:32.49 Clarkson B – 7:35.72 Ithaca – 7:36.43

On May 3rd and 4th, the Ithaca College Crew team travelled to Whitney Point, New York in order to participate in the New York State Championships. This was the beginning of their championship racing season, and after a successful regular season, Ithaca went into States with confidence and with eyes on the medal stands. With 27 participating schools, the racing was going to be very competitive, featuring some of the top teams in the North East. 

The first day of competition, Saturday, May 3rd, was qualifying heats for most boats, and for the Women’s Second Varsity 8, Women’s Third Varsity 8 and the Men’s Third Varsity 8 it was a Grand Final only. The weather was unpredictable, with on and off rain and a spontaneous strong cross wind which made racing conditions quite difficult for some races. The women’s team had a great day of qualifying, sending the Varsity 8, Frosh/Novice 8 and Novice 4 to the Grand Finals! The 2 Varsity 4’s and the Second Frosh/Novice 8 both had competitive qualifying races, and qualified for the petite finals the next day as well! The Men’s Team also had a great day of qualifying, sending the Varsity 8, Second Varsity 8, Frosh/Novice 8 and Varsity 4 to the Grand Finals! The Women’s Second Varsity 8 and Third Varsity 8 both raced in a Grand Final only in the Second Varsity 8 event later in the day and saw some great success! The Women’s Second Varsity 8 took home the first medal for Ithaca College Crew, placing second in their race with a time of 8:10.88. They were only bested by WIlliam Smith. The Women’s Third Varsity 8 also had a strong race, placing fourth in the Second Varsity Race with a time of 8:19.65, besting the Rochester, Union and Marist Second Varsity 8’s. The Men’s Third Varsity 8 rowed in a very exciting, head to head race all the way down the race course with the Hobart 4V for the bronze medal, however was unfortunately bested and placed fourth in the event with a time of 7:18.14. Overall, it was a great first day of racing for Ithaca College Crew, and crews were anxious to get back on the water on Sunday to participate in their Grand and Petite Finals. 

Sunday, May 4th was an early wake-up call for many athletes, and racing began at 8:00am. The wind was strong and the water was a bit more choppy than on Saturday, however crews had to put the weather aside in order to race to the medal stands! The racing started off strong for the Women’s Varsity 8 as they finished second in their grand final with a time of 7:17.99, only being bested by William Smith by 3 seconds. The Men’s Varsity 8 raced in an exciting race, which featured a head to head battle between Ithaca and Hobart all the way down the race course. The last time Ithaca had raced Hobart they had lost by 7 seconds, and even though they were ultimately bested by Hobart in the Grand Final on Sunday, they closed the gap to 2 seconds, which is a great sign for ECAC’s! The 2 Women’s Varsity 4’s raced in the Petite Final with the B boat placing second and the A boat placing last. The Men’s Varsity 4, who had raced hard on Saturday and qualified for Grand Final, placed last in a very close race, finishing 1 second away from 5th place and only 5 seconds off of the medal stand! The Women’s Second Novice 8 rowed in a very competitive petite final against SUNY Geneseo. With about 500 meters to go, they had about a 4 seat lead, when the bow seat of the Ithaca Boat unfortunately caught a boat stopping crab which caused them to place second in the race. The Women’s First Novice 8 brought home the first and only gold medal of the State Championships with a fantastic showing in their grand final! After losing to St. Lawrence by 12 seconds in their heat and William Smith in Worcester 2 weeks ago by 12 seconds, they won their Grand Final, besting William Smith by 2 seconds and St. Lawrence by 3 seconds! The Men’s Frosh/Novice 8 also had a really tight race all the way down the race course with RIT, and was unfortunately bested by .09 seconds. Ithaca and RIT were a whopping 22 seconds ahead of the rest of the field in that race! The Men’s Second Varsity 8 earned their second bronze medal in 2 years with a third place finish in their race behind Hobart and Marist and 10 seconds ahead of the fourth place finisher! Finally, to wrap up the day, the Women’s Novice 4 raced in a tough race and finished last in their grand final, however was awarded 5th place due to an interference by Union. 

Overall, it was a fantastic weekend of racing for Ithaca Crew! Ithaca Crew took home 1 Gold Medal, 4 Silver Medals and 1 bronze medal and for the second year in a row, Ithaca was awarded the Overall Points Trophy! It was a great end to a great weekend and it showed that all the hard work and dedication that all the athletes had put into this year had really paid off! Next weekend is Ithaca Crew’s Final Race. They head to Worcester, Massachusetts to race in the ECAC National Invitational, and after the performance of the crews this weekend, Ithaca Crew plans to make their presence known and be a force to be reckoned with! If you are in the area, please come out and support Ithaca Crew as all the crews fight to get on the medal stands! 


Photograph Credit: Drew Erskine 



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