Race;                                     At HWS Challenge on the Canal                      9/27/2014

Location;                              Geneva, NY

Participating schools:                        William Smith, UR, RIT,  and St. John Fisher.

Departure Time – location              54 athletes.   Meet bus and at 6:30am at A & E Center, east side entrance (opposite side of main campus).  Plan one hour driving time.

  • Directions to Race Course;  Leave Ithaca on route 96 north past hospital, through Trumansburg, Interlaken, and straight onto route 96A at the Ovid intersection towards Geneva.  In Geneva, turn right on route 20 east, proceed a short distance (past the muffler repair shop on the right) and turn right onto East Avenue.  Athlete drop-off will be here.  Cars and Buses should park at the corner lot or across the street at PEPPY’s.  A shuttle will be available.  You are discouraged from driving down East Avenue.
  • Race Schedule. Speak with your coach about arrival and launch times.   Everyone should be at the trailer at least 60 minutes before launch time.  Be prepared to rig shells immediately upon arrival.
  • Cox’n meeting 8:30am.
  • Mv4 launch 8:50 am   race 9:30 am        Crames, Del Lago, Semmler.
  • Wv8 launch 9:10          race 9:50               Moose, Tavelli.
  • Mv8 launch 9:50          race 10:30             OZ, Feitner, Dietz.
  • Wv4 launch 10:10        race 10:50             Crames, Del Lago, Semmler.

All race times are subject to change.

Race notes:           Head race through a narrow protected canal similar in width to the Ithaca inlet


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