Ithaca Sculling Competes at the Head of the Fish!

Regatta: Head of the Fish
Location: Saratoga Springs, New York
Participating Schools: Many
Conditions: Little to no wind in the morning shifting to heavy head wind towards the afternoon, then shifting back down to a light wind towards the end of racing. Sunny, and relatively warm with temperatures in the low 60’s.

This past Saturday, October 24th, members of the Ithaca College Sculling Team travelled to Saratoga Springs, New York in order to participate in the Head of the Fish Regatta! Due to early racing, athletes departed Ithaca College the night before and stayed over in a local hotel. The morning of the race, athletes travelled to the race course, rigged their boats and took to the water!

Ithaca Sculling had eight athletes and two coaches compete in 6 different events, with many athletes racing in multiple races! In the Women’s Collegiate 1x Event, Catie Ely and Xan O’Neill competed against 13 other entries! Catie Ely finished the 3,500 meter course in a time of 16:07.66, finishing 8th out of 15 entries! Xan O’Neill, completed the course in 24:04.38, finishing 15th out of 15 entries.

Ithaca had three entries in the Women’s Collegiate 2x event! The “A” entry of Emily Morley and Delaney Pfohl completed the course in a time of 13:10.23, finishing 2nd out of 15 entries! The “B” entry of Kellie Palladino and Rachel Dowd completed the course in a time of 14:02.17, and they finished 4th out of the 15 entries. And last but certainly not least, the “C” entry of Chloe Lewis and Tara Malone completed the course in 14:32.03, finishing 6th out of the 15 entries. This was a very strong event for Ithaca Sculling, earning a silver medal and having all three entries finish in the top 6 of the 15 entries!

In the Women’s Open 1x event, Tara Malone and Chloe Lewis raced to 7th and 8th finishes out of 10 entries respectively. Tara Malone completed the course in 16:42.90 and Chloe Lewis completed the course in 17:10.21!

Kellie Palladino and Rachel Dowd later took to the water once again to compete in the Women’s Open Lightweight 2x event. Out of 5 entries, the duo placed second, earning them the silver medal, completing the course in a time of 15:15.49! This was the second silver medal of the day for Ithaca Sculling and there was still more racing to be done!

Emily Morley, Xan O’Neill, Catie Ely and Delaney Pfohl also took to the water again, however this time they left their doubles on land and came together to row in a quad in the Women’s Collegiate 4x Event! The four athletes completed the course in a time of 13:48.08, finishing 4th out of 8 entries.

In the final race of the day for Ithaca Sculling, Coaches Becky Robinson and Beth Greene took to the water in a double to compete in the Women’s Masters 2x Event! The duo completed the course in a time of 13:53.10, and they finished 2nd out of 23 entries, only being bested by the winning crew by 3 seconds.

Overall, it was a great day for Ithaca Sculling and the athletes should be proud of the way they rowed! Out of the 10 entries they entered in six events, they were able to walk away with 3 silver medals, and 6 top half finishes up against some competitive opponents! The Ithaca Sculling team has one race left in their season, which is the Collegiate Small Boat CHampionships in Mercer, NJ! The competition there will be stiff, but they have produced some great results this season, so they are more than willing to take on the challenge! If you are in the area, please go and support Ithaca College Sculling in their last race of the year!


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