10/1-10/2/2014  Collegiate Small Boat Challenge

Location;  Caspertown Rowing Center, 1S. Post Road, West Windson, NJ

Participating schools:  BU, Colgate, Fairfield, NEastern, Princeton, Radcliffe, Rutgers, Syracuse, Tufts, UMass, UPenn, West Virginia, Cornell

Participating athletes: 10 w/ varsity sculling, 2 coaches

Departure Time – location Meet at 5:30AM A & E Center on Saturday.  Eat or bring Breakfast, the van will make a brunch stop.  Drive directly to race course, rig shells and prepare to practice.   There are limited changing facilities.

  • Directions to Race Course;
  • Leave Ithaca on route 79 east to Whitney Point.
  • Merge on to I81 S toward Binghamton. Keep right to stay on I 81 S into Pennsylvania.
  • Keep right to follow I-380 S, follow signs for Carbondale/ Mt Pocono.
  • Merge on to I-80 E, entering NJ.
  • Take US 46 E exit toward Butzville
  • NJ 31 S (right) toward Trenton
  • Merge on I 95 N
  • Exit 67 to US 1 N
  • Quaker Bridge Road Exit  (keep right at the fork)
  • Left on Village Rd W
  • Right on Post Rd

Race Schedule.   Saturday Nov 1st

11:00-12:30 course open for practice

12:45 Regatta Meeting

                              2: 00 PM 2x time trial

2:45 PM 1x time trial

3:30 PM 2- Time trial

                              Sunday Nov 2nd

                              8:00 F Finals (2-, 2x, 1x)

8:30 E Finals (2-, 2x, 1x)

9:00 D Finals (2-, 2x, 1x)

9:30 C Finals (2-, 2x, 1x)

10:00 B Finals (2-, 2x, 1x)

10:30 A Finals (2-, 2x, 1x)

Race notes: 2K Time Trial followed by a 2K 6 boat race.

Other Information: Don’t forget your uniform. Eat breakfast before getting the bus, bring snacks/lunch on the bus.  We will practice upon arrival. BRING A FULL WATER BOTTLE.



The truck will depart the BH by 5:30AM at the latest

Van(s) will depart TBA around 5:30 AM

11:00 AM Arrive at Race Course

Course is open for practice until 12:30PM


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