Christening of the OZ!

Christening of the James Osborne ‘79

James Osborne, “Jamie” made a gift to the rowing team this past year, which enabled the Men’s program to purchase a new Resolute 8+ for the varsity men.  The Ithaca 1V raced the boat this year with some excellent results.  Dan  Robinson organized a christening for the new shell the “James Osborne ‘79” and a reunion of sorts for the class of ’79 crew.  The event was held the first weekend in June and Jamie flew out from Seattle with his wife Diane.  Many members for the class of ’79 joined Jamie and Diane for the weekend in Ithaca.  In addition to the christening of the new shell, the group gathered for a reunion row, breakfast, a hike at Taughannock and a picnic at the IC boathouse.  It was a great time for all involved. It was an empowering weekend, Jamie who suffered a partial spinal cord injury from a bike accident was helped into “his” rowing shell by his wife Diane and former teammates.  He rowed like a champ and was ALL-IN on the power 10!

Photos can be seen in the Flick feed on the right of this page.

Video of James Osborne at the christening toast:

Video segment that was run a few years ago on the local news about Jamie and other similar bike frame failures, if interested. It runs 6-7 minutes.


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