Itinerary for the Head of the Schuylkill


 Race;Head of the Schuylkill                         10/24/2015

Location; Philadelphia, PA

Participating schools: Many from the Northeast

Departure Time – location  Bus #1 meets Friday, 4:30pm, A & E Center north side. 42 athletes + 3 coaches.  Drive directly to hotel.     Knights Inn, Mt. Laurel, NJ, 1104 route 73 S,  856-778-3500.   W1x, M4, W4, WN8 – bus #1.

Meet bus #2 at 6:45am at the Campus Center.  34 athletes + 1 coach.  Plan 4+ hours driving time and at least 15 minutes to park and walk to trailer. Be at the trailer by 11:30am!   Mcl8, Wcl8, W2x, MV8, WV8, W4x – bus #2.

  • Directions to Race Course;  Leave Ithaca on route 96B south to route 17 east to I-81 south.  Friday night dinner stop – exit from I-81 at exit 191A onto route 6 east.  Continue 2 miles to Scott Road, Wegmans is on the left.  Return to I-81 south to exit 175A, Penn turnpike, I-476, south.  No dinner stop, take exit I-81 at Clark’s summit, get on Penn Turnpike south.  Follow turnpike (toll road) south to the end, through tolls, go straight on I-476 towards Philadelphia to I-76 east (Schuylkill Expressway).  On I-76, exit left (#340A) on Kelly Drive, follow this along river to the Angels docking area on your right. Go through the traffic barrier as instructed by local officials.  Continue past the first docking area (canoe club). Angels area will be the second docking area.  Look for the Ithaca Crew Shell trailer.  Buses will be parallel parked on Kelly Drive.  Spectators check out org for further details on parking and shuttles.  To the hotel, continue on I76 to I-676 to Ben Franklin bridge, cross over to NJ on to route 30 east, onto route 38 east, Kaighn Ave.  continue about 4 miles to route 73 south, turn right on 73 just over one mile, hotel is on right, just after the NJ turnpike overpass.
  • Race Schedule.  Speak with your coach about arrival and launch times.   Everyone should be at the trailer at least 120 minutes before race time.  Be prepared to rig shells immediately upon arrival.
  • Women’s 1x (4) launch 8:15            race at 9:00am.
  • Men’s 4  launch 9:05 am.     Race 9:50 am
  • Women’s 4 (3) launch 9:15 am      Race at 10am
  • WN8 (2)           launch 9:50            Race at 10:35.
  • Men’s Club 8 launch 12:45pm     Race 1:30pm
  •  Women’s Club 8    launch 1:00 pm.     Race 1:45 pm.
  • Women’s 2x (3)     launch 1:55            race at 2:40pm
  •  Men’s Champ 8 launch 2:45 pm. Race 3:30 pm.
  • Women’s champ 8 launch 2:55 pm      Race 3:40pm.
  •  Women’s 4x launch at 3:05 pm, race at 3:50pm.

All race times are subject to change.

Race notes: 4K head race.  Very crowded with long carries to the dock and long waits at the dock.

Other Information:  Don’t forget your racing uniform. Bring warm clothes, rain gear.  Changing facilities will be limited, and space near the trailer will be tight.    There will be post-race food available at the race course.  THE PARENTS WILL BE TAKING GOOD CARE OF US THIS WEEKEND (race-course food).  Let’s show our appreciation.  A little spending $ may be very handy.

Return to Ithaca:  After racing on Saturday, we will load trailer and board bus as a group.  DRIVE SAFELY AND LOOK AFTER EACH OTHER.


Bus #1                   Pick up team at A & E Center north side, Friday, 10/23, at 4:30pm.  Drive to the hotel.

Depart hotel for race course at 6:45am Saturday morning.  Directions from hotel to race;

From the Ben Franklin bridge take I676 west to I-76 west.

Follow I-76 West towards Exit 340A. As you approach Exit 34 (U.S. Route 1 North – Roosevelt Expressway) take care to be in the CENTER lanes (follow the sign to Valley Forge.) Do not be lured off to the right or the left, or you will miss Exit 340A. After rounding a left curve, you will see the sign for Exit 340A (Kelly Drive/Ridge Avenue.) The exit will take you off to the right, but get into the left-most lane as you go over the bridge across the Schuylkill River. Look for sign on left for Kelly Drive. The ramp will spiral downwards in a counter-clockwise direction and will merge you onto Kelly Drive, southbound (move to right lane after merging at bottom of spiral). Consult the local area map for further directions.

Load between 2-3pm for the ride home.  ETA in Ithaca is 8:00pm.

This bus will have a smaller load (less athletes) going home.

Bus #2                   – Pick up team at A & E Center north side at 6:30 am, depart by 6:45, Sat. 10/24.

  • Drive directly to race-course., drop off competitors at race site at 11:15 am.
  • Park bus as instructed. No local transportation needed.
  • Load between 4:30 – 6pm for the ride home.
  • T.A. in Ithaca College is 11:00 pm.

This bus will have a larger load (more people) going home.


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