Coaching in Nassau – Emily’s Qualification Quest

WhileIMG_5019 Emily was home for winter break, she made arrangements to use a Vespoli single from a local rower, Peter Fletcher and wet launched from the private home of Pedro and Sissa Wassitch.  We were able to borrow the Boston Whaler pictured from Kyle Chea from Nassau rowing club. A huge thank you to all who supported Emily.

The waters on Lake Cunningham were not kind during the first week that Emily was training. Lots of wind and rough waters, tough conditions when you are trying to go at it alone in a single.  I arrived in Nassau on Jan 7th and we went straight to the lake. Challenge number one was rigging and oars. Because of the brackish water and corrosion, we were not able to change the length of the oars and after several rig attempts we started to look for other oar alternatives.  The pair we ended up using were in Pedros shed.  We were using the shed to stash our bags while on the water.  On one visit to the shed, I noticed a set of concept 2 oars in the corner.  Go figure! We pulled them out and BAM.  They were the length that we needed. They did have white sleeves, but they were in good condition and had smootie blades.  It took two practices to get the equipment settled out, but by then I was comfortable in the Whaler and Emily in the single and off we went.  The entire time that I was in Nassau, we had good to excellent water.  A few days we had to find the protected areas, but Emily got in good training every row.

Coach Becky Robinson


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