First Week Home: Emily’s Qualification Quest

Emily went home to the Bahamas for 5 weeks over Winter Break.  This was a great opportunity to get on the water and do some rowing, but there were challenges along the way.  The next few posts will take you through some of Emily’s experiences during those weeks.

First week home: December 18th– December 28th

When I first got home I really wasn’t expecting much when receiving the boat. I was pleasantly surprised when the Vespoli named “Gini” was placed in a north shore lot of Lake Cunningham. Becky and I had gone over what measurements the single should be rigged at and after going for a “shakedown” row I just accepted that this was how to boat was going to feel.

IMG_0902.JPGThe next couple of days out on the water were very exciting, even if the winds were close to 25mph. My practices consisted of a lot of long steady state rows, and being unfamiliar with the lake made it a little daunting to get up and get on the lake. As the days went on and the wind did not settle at all, which made it feel like I was getting on the lake to let it beat me up. This made it harder and harder for me to motivate myself to get out on the lake for the waves to throw me around for an hour and half. Finding flat water that I could do my pieces on was the goal of my practices, while trying to be as technically focused as possible. Needless to say I knew I had to get up and row, so I had to just accept what was going to happen when it happened. By the end of these ten days I had already hit my first wall and I was ready for a change of pace in the training… and maybe some human interaction while working out.

Emily Morley



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