Jennie and Jackie Visit- Emily’s Qualification Quest

December 28th– January 4thIMG_7995

When Jackie and Jennie arrived I knew my training would be a lot more entertaining and I would be a lot more motivated.

Instead of rowing in my single we did a sequence of stations, two running stations and one where we erged. We were off the main island of Nassau and docked at Highbourne Cay while staying on my dad’s boat, Sweet Peace. Knowing that everyday we would go on an adventure for the whole day we would get up early to complete our workout, jump in the ocean to cool off and then spend the rest of our days at the beach.
If anyone has ever seen Jackie, Jennie and I together they know that it is always filled with being goofy outside of practice, but focused and competitive with each other during practice. Having them visit me during this week not only made training a lot easier, but it reminded me that my teammates are one of my biggest supporters. They are the ones that are looking at me to perform at my best, while they working their best as well.



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