Jackie’s Perspective: Emily’s Qualification Quest

Jennie and I landed in Nassau on December 28th, and within a couple of hours had already boarded Emily’s dad’s boat for a 5-day adventure. Because snorkeling and running away from wild pigs wouldn’t really count as a workout, we made sure we woke up early each morning to do a workout. We did a pretty similar workout a couple of days (20 minutes run, 20 minutes erg, 20 minutes run) and then did Tabata in place of our lifts that we were missing. We did each workout absorbing the Bahamas: runs on the beach, erg pieces on the boat facing the ocean, and Tabata in a beachside hut. Every time the three of us workout (no matter where we are!) we manage to have fun and be giggly while getting some good work in.
When I left for the BahamIMG_1821as, my whole family joked saying that they didn’t believe that we would workout at all while on vacation. But, all three of us knew without anyone really having to say it, how great of an opportunity it was that we could all be together working to make each other stronger.  After our first workout – when Jennie and I nearly passed out because of the heat (who would have thought it would be SO hot in December!) – we all agreed that having teammates training right next to us made each of us want to push that much harder.  I am so completely proud of Emily, and am so lucky to get to be a part of her journey!

Jackie McDevitt

Photo: left to right – Jackie, Emily and Jennie


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