Jennie’s View: Emily’s Qualification Quest

As if going to the Bahamas wasn’t already an incredible vacation, just think about spending a week in paradise with your two best friends and teammates. Jackie and I arrived in the sunny, 80 degree weather on December 28th and left January 4th. We took Emily’s boat to an island called Highbourne Cay, about 2 ½ hours away from Nassau. We spent 5 days on this beautiful private island and took the opportunity to workout every morning before it got too hot (and let’s be honest, so that we could have most of the day free for Bahamian escapades). By 7:30 AM, our hearts were pumping as we completed two 20 minute runs and one 20 minute erg piece, switching off so that two people were always running while one was erging. FollowingIMG_4509 our workout, we would jump in the crystal clear, refreshing ocean and get ready for a day filled with adventures. Regardless of what we were doing, it was always active; whether it be walking along the beach, diving deep to find sand dollars, or trying out our balance on the Maui Mat (a large floating mat anchored to the floor of the ocean). Besides experiencing all of the native Bahamian traditions and ringing in the New Year together, Jackie and I were so grateful we were able to train alongside Emily to keep her motivated throughout her training. Everyone who has done any sort of erg piece before (and I’m assuming most of you have if you’re reading this blog) has needed some sort of motivation and encouragement during the piece to not give up and keep pushing past those mental limits. Before we headed down, I reached out to my teammates to ask for encouraging videos or sayings for Emily to keep her strong on her journey to the Olympics. Even just a small pat on the back or gruntled “here we go” during a workout can go such a long way. I’m so thankful I had the opportunity to visit the Bahamas and train alongside not only my best friends, but the best competitors I know. There is never a dull moment with Emily, Jackie, and I around and I’m so glad we were able to bring our high energy and fun spirit to the Bahamas to create a supportive atmosphere for Emily. So proud of you, Em, and excited to see what the future holds!

Jennie Peterson


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