Becky’s Visit: Emily’s Qualification Quest

January 7th– January 14th: Becky arrived midday on a Thursday and we went straight to the lake. The first couple of days we did not have a launch so the workouts were a lot of short pieces where she could see me from the dock where I was launching from. Every day we had double sessions, a morning practice where the workouts consisted of timed pieces, then followed by an hour or so where we would go explore and find somewhere to eat lunch, then the second practice would normally be an hour of technique. One day we had a macaw join us for lunch.

IMG_0910This week was probably one of the hardest, emotional and physically exhausting week I’ve ever experienced. Every day there was a new hiccup, that we named “Challenge of the day”, but we also overcame every challenge even if there were some tears (from me) along the way. Every day I learned how to motivate myself through positive talk and mentally became tougher as the week went on.

It was a lot of rowing, but having someone’s eyes on me the whole week made me more accountable of the workouts and I could tell I was getting technically better as each day passed. Having Becky come down and coach me also changed my mindset on this whole experience. Before, Chile seemed very far in the future and not something I should focus all my attention on, but during this week I was constantly thinking about what I will have to do to mentally and physically be ready for March 22nd.      ~ Emily Morley



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