A Week Alone: Emily’s Qualification Quest

January 15th– January 21st: These last days of winter break were some of my best days alone on the lake. Even though the wind did pick up again, I knew the lake better and where I could find calm water even if the wind was close to 30 mph. Having the confidence in a boat where I was finally comfortable in really helped and made training a lot more enjoyable.

NRC Morley-004A good friend of mine reminded me that every day is a new opportunity to have a great practice. He said that yes, it is ok to be upset about a previous practice but instead of letting it consume you, to use it as fuel to work hard for the next practice. The saying he used was “This is it.” So everyday when I put the boat in the water during this period of training alone I would tell myself those three words.
I had to come back to Ithaca a little earlier than expected because of the snowstorm that was hitting the cities where my connecting flights would be. These couple of days allowed me to have days back in Ithaca to get situated and hang out with people before my last semester of college.

Along with the individuals that Becky thanked earlier on in the blog I would also like to thank a few other people. Ashley Lowe, for the amazing sports massage and my dad for supporting me through the 5 weeks of me being exhausted, hungry (all the time) and motivating me to get up during those early morning practices by myself. Lastly, Becky Robinson for taking a week out of her winter break to come down to the Bahamas and help me become a more confident and competitive single sculler. ~ Emily Morley


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