Starts: Emily’s Qualification Quest

I was super excited to be able to go out and pace Emily for some starts and 1 minute pieces last Saturday. It was a uncharacteristic balmy 40 degrees in Ithaca that weekend with just enough liIMG_1004quid water in the inlet for two singles to race side by side. Race pieces, especially in a 1x, are much easier to get through with another person to race and push you. I knew I had to take the rare
opportunity to get out on the water in the 1x before our spring racing season starts and it would be even more fun to pace our own future Olympian! 

We launched in the afternoon and did a solid warmup down the course in lanes 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 (if you’ve rowed on the inlet you know how unnerving that is). We did a lot of practice starts with Becky and Beth supervising technique before doing several 250m/1 minute pieces up and down the inlet. High rates and even higher heart rates! It was a great day to get out on the water and I’m very proud to have been able to help our future Olympian prepare for her Rio dreams!   ~Chloe Lewis


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