Novice Eyes: Emily’s Qualification Quest

Determined. Passionate. Inspiring. These are just a few of the many words that come to mind when I think of Emily. Prior to joining the women’s crew team this fall, the only exposure I had to the sport was through my older sister. Despite talking to my sister about her experiences as a rower, it was not until this year that I was able to see firsthand what it takes to be successful in this sport. Rowing requires both physical and mental strength, as well as an overall drive and passion to improve not only as an individual but as a collective team. As a novice, the months of erging and lifting that were ahead of me seemed quite daunting. However, Emily, and all members of the varsity team, welcomed the challenges of winter training with pure intensity, knowing that the work we put in during the off-season would eventually translate into speed on the water in the spring.Sophie blogEmily approaches every practice the same way: she attacks each piece with confidence and fervor, which in turn pushes everyone around her to strive for excellence. I remember one of the first times I talked with Emily. Our team was in the middle of running hill sprints after one of the lifting sessions before leaving for winter break. We ended up running next to one another, so she introduced herself to me and I managed to spit out my name in between my short, heavy breaths. What I remember best from this initial interaction with Emily was the constant energy and power she brought to every set of sprints, as well as her consistent support for all of our teammates as they ran past. Emily’s drive and passion to succeed prompts everyone around her to work harder and strive to be successful student athletes. Over the past few months, training alongside Emily, whether on the erg or in the weight room, has been nothing short of inspiring and has motivated me to challenge myself in reaching new limits.   ~ Sophie Westfield


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