2K Time Trial(s): Emily’s Qualification Quest

When Becky says “you’re doing four 2ks against a double within three days to see if your body can handle it”, I realized my only answer could be a head nod, yes, and a nervous smile. I liked to call it my “mini Chile simulation”.

This past Sunday was my heat race, where I was up against Tara and Erin. Each race had a different simulation and my race plan for my heat was to race to the 1250m and hold the double off as long as I could. This meant that my sprint was a bump to higher stroke rate and ride with it until the finish horn went off.

The second race on Sunday simulated my repechage race, four hours after the heat race. This race would determine which semifinal I would race the next day. Krista and Katie were my next competition and I knew they would give me a run for my money. Nothing would stop them from pushing me to go faster and faster every 500m. The simulation key during this race was to get out in front and then walk away from the other boats during the last 300m of the race.

The third race was on Monday, where I raced against Sarah and Klaw in the morning. This was a race where I had to leave nothing left, know that all of my competition was feeling the same fatigue and all I needed to do is be the grittier rower pushing harder through the pain. This race would tell if my body could handle three 2ks in less than 24 hours, and in fact I pulled my best time yet. This was the boost of confidence I needed going into today where I faced a double in my simulated finals

Today’s race time was 8:30am so I woke up, ate breakfast and told myself this is it, nothing left after these 8 minutes. I was nervous walking into the boathouse, knowing that I was up against Jennie and Becca, and knowing that this was the simulated qualifying race. Becky could tell I was, and she reminded me before I launched that all I needed to do was be confident in my ability to compete, all I needed to do was go out there and race, and race to win. This simulation is where Becky had the double pull even with me during the middle 1000m and then full out sprint in the last 300m to see if I could hold them off. All I remember from the last 500m is Becky telling me to go for it and her telling the double to race and bump their rate to beat me. I don’t remember a lot within the last 200m, but my time showed that my mind and body is prepared for these four races in just two short weeks.

7 days until we depart for Chile
6 more classes to sit through until spring break
5 sleeps until the first strokes on Lake Lanier
4 2ks in three days (Chile simulation)
3 days until we depart for Georgia
2 weeks until heats of the Qualification Regatta start
1 journey to success

~Emily Morley


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