Journey Home: Emily’s Qualification Quest

Here is the brief recap of racing. However, during the Qualification Regatta #2000mout.doc did excellent job of moment by moment tweets. Take a look for a more detailed account of the adventure.

Emily raced well in the final, finishing 4th in the B final (10th overall). She pulled a flat water PR, but that was not enough to to finish top two.  After the race we both had that empty feeling of having to let go of our goal.

After a little time and reflection on how she got faster every race and raced as a world class competitor, we are feeling better. It looks like the 4th place double will get a slot at the Olympics along with the 7th and 8th place singles. For whatever reason, being two places out is easier to stomach than one.


Photo from 1000 meter mark during B Final. Out front is Argentina, second is Paraguay, Emily crossed the 1000 even with Peru (not seen in Lane 5). Emily is in Lane 2 ahead of Puerto Rica in lane 1. She raced even dualing back and forth with Peru.  She felt like she was moving in the sprint, but smacked a buoy in the last 250.

Her hardest race mentally was the heat, since she faced the four top finalists. Tears there. She was doubting if she belonged here, but that was schwelched in the rep, she really felt in control. We just kept focusing on PR’s and staying in the moment. This course was great for flat water or slight tail in the mornings. Far cry from Indy.

People were really routing for her, organizers and officials. She was definitely noticed as a newcomer to be reckoned with.

In a few short hours we will be back in Ithaca, me in the coaching launch, Emily in the 5 seat and Julia back to coxswaining, all refocused on our team goal of winning the Dad Vail.


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