Saturday Race Schedule Moves UP

We have moved the start time of the races early in hopes to avoid the predicted high winds.  It will still be cold, so dress warm!!!

SATURDAY, APRIL9, 2016 vs Skidmore, St. Lawrence, and Smith.

Regatta Meeting – 9:00 am.
Lanes will be drawn prior to the regatta meeting.

10:20                     Wv8                       Sm          Sk

10:30                     Wv8                         IC           StL

10:45                     Wn8       IC 3v      IC           Sm

10:50                     Mn8       IC           StL          StL 3v

11:15                     W2v8     IC           Sm          StL

11:20                     Mv8       IC           Sk           StL

11:45                     M2v8     StL 3v    IC           StL

12:15                     W2n8                     IC           Sm

12:25                     Wv8

12:35                     Wv8

12:45                     M4                          IC           Sk

12:55                     W4          IC lwt     IC 4v      StL



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