Senior Day and Crew Reunion

Saturday, April 23rd will be a busy day at the Tallman Rowing Center.  This is our last home race for 2016 and with it comes a celebration honoring our seniors and the traditional Senior JUMP into the frigid waters of Cayuga Inlet.  In addition and the hopes of starting a tradition we are being honored by the presence of some 80 crew alums.  Here is the latest schedule for the day.

9:00-9:30 AM: Christening of the Spirit (women’s 8)/ Skip Ransom(Men’s 4) / Tavelli (Women’s 4)

9:30-11:00 AM: good time to walk over and grab breakfast at Purity (pancakes) or Ithaca Bakery

11:30-3:00 PM: Racing – Lanes will be drawn at the Regatta meeting

11:30    Wv8       IC           HC
11:38     Wv8       CU          MC
11:46     Mv8       IC           HC
11:54     Mv8       CU          MC
12:02     W8*       MC 2v   IC 2v                      The four fastest W8 will match up in duals later
12:10      CU n8    IC 3v
12:18      HC n8    IC n8
12:26      MC 3v   IC 2n
12:34     W4*       CU          IC lwt                     The two winning 4’s will race a dual later.
12:42                     MC         IC 4v
12:50     M8*       MC 2v   IC 2v                      The two winning 8’s will race a dual later.
12:58                     MC 3v   HC 2v
1:06        M4          IC           CU          HC

1:40        Wv8       two winners
1:48        Wv8       two others
1:56        Mv8       two winners
2:04        Mv8       two others
2:12        W8          two fastest winners
2:20        W8          next two fastest times
2:28        W4          two winners
2:36        M8          two winners

3:00-3:30 PM     Senior Recognition – JUMP
3:30-5:30 PM    Alumni Gathering at Joes


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