Rowing in Rio: First trip to the race course

We had a productive afternoon…..

After lunch we found the transportation center and took the bus to Lagoa. It took about 70 minutes. Tomorrow the Olympic routes open and it is supposed to cut the trip down to 45 minutes. The photo is our first glimpse of the venue.  It is beautiful, the water was rough (cross head) and thankfully there was no smell of sewage.  The water looked fine, but we are still going to take precautions with antibacterial wipes, bottled water and showers post rowing.

Things went smoothly at the course. Emily’s boat was waiting for her and we were able to get it rigged.  Tomorrow morning is reserved for fine tuning.  We were also pleased to find Concept 2 on site and they graciously loaned us a set of oars to use until Emily’s oars arrive.




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