Rowing in Rio: On the water.

The entire Ithaca contingent got on the water today. The USA women’s eight (with Meg Musnicki ‘o5 in the six seat) and Bahamian 1x, Emily Morley ’16, were on the water this morning at the same time. Beth Greene ’00 went out on the viewing launch during the first row of the morning and I got out on the viewing launch during the second morning row. Highlight of the day for me. Shared the ride with Kevin Sauer from Virginia, talked rowing, rowing courses and of course watched a lot of good rowing up close and personal.




Top photo: USA Women’s Eight

Bottom photo: Emily Morley, note the black blades from New Zealand.

The missing oars have still not been located  we keep getting promises of delivery.   I’ve been asked what address to send the to several times. You would think that “Olympic Village” would be enough to get them here, there is only one gate in for all people and baggage  plus there is a bus from the Rio airport to the Olympic Village every hour 24/7.  Just but them on the bus!!!! We are getting help from Rio 2016 personnel me and fingers crossed they will be back in action tomorrow.




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