Rowing in Rio: Life in the Village

On Tuesday, August 2nd we (the Bahamas) and five other countries had our official welcome ceremony at the Olympic Village. The Mayor of Rio led the presentation, we were welcomed with a native dance and raising of each countries flag.


After that, Beth and I sent Emily to rest and we took off for the Gym. It was packed. The viewing highlights today included watching a guy do a jump on to a box that was as high as his belly button, a fencer practicing his backward and forward footwork while catching and throwing a med ball, and of course watching the weight lifters do their thing.

The village is starting to get crowded, the population has more than doubled since we got here and more and more athletes keep rolling suitcases in. The big countries have set up shop, Canada brought a giant Moose statue (have yet to get a picture of that). Great Britin has a whole court yard set up with chairs, a giant portable TV, ping pong and snooker tables.



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