Rowing in Rio:The best words a coach could hear.

When we arrived at the course today around 10:00 it was rough. Emily was nervous about the conditions, but after talking it through and focusing on the need to get training in, she launched with a good mindset for her row. During launching and chatting it up with other coaches we discovered it had been even worse earlier in the day.  After 2k of rowing the conditions settled down a bit and Emily had a great row.  She came off the water with a smile and said “I felt like I wasn’t fighting with the boat anymore….. It feels like it’s my boat”. YES!!  Those are some of the best words a coach could hear, and in this case two coaches.

Life in the dining hall continues to be interesting and exciting. Yesterday we ate around 8pm and the place was packed!!!! So much of the world eats dinner much later than we do. Today we went to dinner at 6PM, the dining hall was much quieter and we were surrounded by team USA. The men’s rowing team was behind us and the women’s gymnastics team were sitting at our table. While we were stealthily taking their photo, Usain Bolt walks in and they all jump up to take his picture.



Usain Bolt is the tall guy in the center with the white hat.



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