Rowing in Rio: Last practice before the heats

It is a beautiful morning, Emily went out for her last practice row before heats tomorrow. She will get another chance to get on the starting blocks today.


The start line backs up into shore and passerby’s can get a view of the activities. We directed Emily’s family to look for her there between 11-12, which is the window for practice starts. Beth took the ride on the water today. We passed the USA women’s eight coming off the docks from their morning row. “Good Morning Meghan”.  Thinking about Meg “Moose”, I also took a photo of the Moose yesterday afternoon on my way to the gym, which was quiet when I got there around 4.


No kidding around, Team Canada brought this with them, apparently it was also in London.

Sporting spot of the day was watching two Canadian tennis players practice on the tennis court in the village. They were really drawing a crowd, and in sync the crowd would alternate looking left than right together.


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