Rowing in Rio: Should have gone sailing

What a day of racing (survival) it was. The day started beautiful, Emily went through her warm-up routine, which included a 4K pre-row before her race. She launched prepared for a hard heat. 

Notice the decent water in the background when Emily launched. Well all of you who were watching the live feed know, the wind picked up and was blowing crosswise across the course.  At one point we were seeing whitecaps in the middle 1000.  I don’t think I have ever seen races run in such bad  conditions. 

Today’s races had more covered bows, wobbly strokes, lane violations and chaos making the viewing quite entertaining. Peter, Emilys brother was commenting how the whole crowd would gasp when a wave crashed over a boat. Emily finished 6th of 6 in the first heat but there were 5 other crews from the other heats that had times + – 5 sec of her time. She has some exciting races ahead of her. 

After dinner tonight we stopped at Great Britin’s teli in the courtyard to watch some Olympics and the coverage we caught on BBC was ROWING


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