Rowing in Rio: Village blooper

For anyone who knows me well (Dan this story is for you), I promise a good chuckle. Background info: Beth, Emily and I are having fun trading pins with athletes and coaches from other countries. We are trying to make a point to find out what sport they are with and have a conversation while trading pins. 

So… Two days ago, Emily and I are walking back from lunch.  Beth stayed at the course for a meeting. Someone sees all of our pins and comes up to Emily to ask for a trade. Bahamas pins are rare and trading for us is easy.  We go through the routine… “What country?”  ….”USA”. However most of the time you don’t need to ask because everyone is dressed in uniform all the time. Seriously, if you walked into the dining hall in street clothes you would look out of place. 

Back to the story…. “What sport”.  She says “Tennis”, I say “I love your hair” (it’s braided and partially dyed red). We walk away. Emily turns to me and says “I wonder if that was Serena Williams”.  Then it dawns on me that we are not at Club Nationals or States or NCAAs, we are at the Olympics AND that could have been Serena Williams. So I say “we’ll find out soon enough, and we’ll feel pretty dumb if it was”.  Well it wasn’t Serena, it was Venus. We had a great laugh while watching the 6 screen video board tonight after dinner. I was transfixed on the tennis match in the bottom left.


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