Rowing in Rio: Semifinal

Emily had her semifinal today at 12:40PM. We took the opportunity to sleep in a bit longer and arrived at the racecourse at 9:30 in time to watch the 1x quarterfinals. Emily’s semifinal determined who races in the E and F finals. 

Emily’s third place finish advances her to the E final, which takes place on Friday. 
Again after today’s race, Emily was called to the interview dock, which is at the end of the race course. If called for an interview, athletes must row to the dock, but they are allowed to decline the interview. If they decline than they must report to the mixed zone after they put their boat away. The mixed zone is in an area that the media can get to without having to navigate the crowds. 

Emily was being interviewed by ESPN Caribbean and the local Nassau news. 
After that was done we grabbed a light lunch in the cafeteria on site then loaded the bus for our hour ride back to the village. I went straight to the gym, again great entertainment while erging. The Chinese men’s basketball team was training and one other field team was there doing extensive agility/plyometric maneuvers. 

Emily’s family came to the village today, they came on guest passes and had access to most of the Olympic Village. While Emily was showing her family the Olympic Rings, the gym, the dining hall, the flags, and all the other cool stuff around, I got caught up bird watching. 


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