Rowing in Rio: Leaving the bubble

With an early row and cancellations all complete by 8:30am on Wednesday we shifted gears.

Emily went with her family for the day to relax and rejuvenate. She went back to their rented apartment, ate, got warm, did some window shopping and went to Volleyball at Maracana. 

Beth and I opted for the 2hour walk to Copacabana beach and the Beach Volleyball venue.  The first part of our walk took us through the residential part of Leblon, one of the upscale neighborhoods.  

It had a charming beauty. All of the sidewalks are cobblestone, the vegetation very interesting and the people, well normal. It was a little weird getting back in the mainstream, we were tall again and  we stood out in our bright blue Bahamas matching track suits. But all the same, we weren’t alone, fans from other countries were on the streets and easy to spot. We ended up on a Main Street with lots of stores and street vendors. We eventually made it to the beach. 

We walked all the way to the end of the beach hoping to find the hiking trail that goes 250 meters up a really steep hill with rainforest vegetation. We didn’t find it, but we did walk into a photo shoot with Johnny Weir (ex USA figure skater) doing some color commentary for the Olympics. It was some kind of piece on fly fishing and they were commenting on the strong winds.

After that excitement, we were off to Beach Volleyball. We started in “our seats” which don’t really exist in Rio. I’ve been in the stands for three events now, opening ceremonies, rowing and beach volleyball. People get near their seats then just take what is available. 

After the first two games, and noticing all of the empty seats in the lower section we moved down to get a court side perspective. It was a good move!!!!


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