Challenge on the Canal

SWEEP Men and Women

Race;   10/1/2016                Challenge on the Canal
Location;                            Geneva, Seneca Canal, HWS boathouse

Participating schools: Women & Men vs William smith, RIT, UR, others.

Departure Time – location On Saturday, 10/1, meet the bus at A & E Center at 6:50am. Depart at 7:00am.

Directions to Site;  Leave Ithaca on route 96 north, straight onto 96A towards Geneva. Near Geneva, turn right on route 20 east. Proceed 2000 ft., turn right onto East Ave. or follow parking instructions as instructed by regatta personnel. Boathouse is at the end of East Ave. Race is staged from there. All parking will be on route 20. Cars may drive down to the boathouse only to drop off supplies. There will be a shuttle to drive folks from parking to the boathouse (10 minute walk otherwise).

Time line;   to bus driver;          Saturday 10/1/16

6:45 am – Meet at the Ithaca College A & E Center, north side loading dock.
7:00 am – drive directly to HWS boathouse in Geneva (directions above).
1:00 pm – load the bus for the trip home….no local transportation required.
ETA Ithaca, 2:00pm.

Race Schedule;      8:00am – coxn’s tour the course, oarsmen rig shells.
(Saturday)                8:30 –      regatta meeting
9:30         M8 & WN8, launch at 8:45
11:00       M4 and WV8, launch at 10:15

Race notes:             All races are approx. 5000 meters head race       

Other Information:  Bring a full water bottle and a change of clothes. Don’t forget your uniform. Buses may stop for fast food lunch on the way home. There will be light food offered at the site after racing.


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