First Away Race A Big Success

The Bombers boarded the bus on Friday afternoon for the first away race of the season. Although the weather wasn’t quite what we hoped, the wind stayed relatively mild for Lake Quinsigamond (where there is a tendency for crews to get blown around at the start). The women’s 1V, 2V and 1N boats took home some betting shirts from the crews competing in their races after some competitive racing.

Women’s 1V8+: Frank/McDevitt/D’Onofrio/Feitner/Burns/Busam/Brija/Vosburg/Veninsky
Women’s 2V8+: Williamson/Petersen/Mix/DiCostanzo/Shelley/Ryan/Malone/Demiris/Bess
Women’s 3V8+: Broughton/Berry/Lawson/O’Hara/Sarachan/Keat/Goldfarb-Cartwright/Dowd/Campagna
Women’s 1N8+: Drew/Csernica/Outlaw/Ritting/Sullivan/Caldicott/Southworth/Johanson/Brian
Men’s 1V8+: Zerivitz/Martin/Brown/Cadoux/Tagg/Nasta/Flamm/Stamer/Tucker
Men’s 2V8+: Eckstein/Lampman/Shyne/Van Buren/Posca/Hoerig/Jung/Philip/McCabe
Men’s 1N4+: Meier/Decker/Sheiman/Daniel/Murtagh



Screenshot 2017-04-23 21.23.05Screenshot 2017-04-23 21.23.10Screenshot 2017-04-23 21.23.14

MenScreenshot 2017-04-23 21.26.53Screenshot 2017-04-23 21.26.58


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