Some quick information for NYS Collegiate Rowing Championships

  1. You will find the schedule here:    Racing begins at 8am.  First Launch at 7:20am.  Coxswains meeting at 6:30am.
  2. The weather on Saturday looks wet.  High chance of rain, and a solid head wind.
  3. We will be using the center lot of the NYS Boat Launch.  Trailers will be parked on the black top in 2 even rows.  I’ll be sending out the maps with the Draw.  You can also find them on the website.  Trailers can arrive any time Friday night until 11pm.  It is best to have everyone in the lot before Saturday morning.  There will be security.
  4. Food tents can be set up on Friday or Saturday.
  5. Please note:  The owner of Lee’s Park WILL be charging to park on his property.  He normally charges $15 per vehicle.  At least it will be close to the Finish Line and Food Tents.

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