Head of the Fish Tent Update

Thank you for those who have offered to bring food to the Head of the Fish.

I am still looking for 1-3 parent tent organizers.  Mostly this involves getting to the race course early and unpacking the bins and setting food out on the tables.  I am brining 4 bins with me.  The GREEN bins have FOOD.  The blue bins have the paper goods, utensils, garbage bags and serving bowls.  Please feel free to go through the bins to find what you need.

Here is a note from the regatta organizers:

[3] Food Tents:  Our biggest change this year, is that Lee’s Park has redone his waterfront.  The normal 450′ of frontage, that housed 32 food tents is OFF LIMITS to us this Fall because this grass is just starting to take hold.  We are NOT allowed to cross the staked/taped boundary lines.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE tell anyone associated with your team NOT to go onto that grass.  The stakes and “keep off” signs and caution tape should be a huge hint, but you know what I’m saying.  In addition, and as important to you, those 32 tent spaces have been relocated.  The new locations are certainly not as exciting as the waterfront sites.  For this, I apologize.  However, now the view won’t be blocked along the roadway making things more visible for more spectators.  In the long run, future food tent sites will be 4-5 feet longer.  I’ll have the Food Tent map & Instructions out tomorrow.  I’ve tried to keep your food tents closer to your trailers.  Please make sure your Food Tent people are aware of the rules.  Thanks in advance.


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