Touchdown the Bear, the 5th annual Cornell Autumn Classic!

Ithaca Crews will be racing at home this weekend hosted by Cornell.

Below please find initial race day information for our Saturday November 4, 2017 regatta here on Cayuga Lake Inlet. Racing will be a 2 flight format, with the opportunity for every athlete to race twice over two distances- 3k & 300m sprint.   Combined times, 3k + 3 x 300m, will determine the winner and overall ranking.

Schedule :
8:30        COACHES/COX MEETING                            

 (Approximate Start Times will be confirmed based on entries)

First Flight
W2x/1x   9:45
M2-        9:50
W4+    9:55
W8+    10:00
M4+    10:05
M8+    10:10

Second Flight
W4+    11:10
M4+    11:20
W4x+ 11:25
W8+    11:30
M8+    11:40 

 Race Distances:

Each crew will race against the clock in the following:

1)      3000m race will begin 200m upstream of the traditional 2k Start Line (Brown house) and proceed in the normal racing traffic pattern to the Treman Marina entrance (flagpole or ‘FP’ on map) where timing team will be anchored on our pontoon boat. Crews are expected to warm up on the course (right hand rule) then turn and proceed into return lane. Upstream of the Start Line crews should queue up and divide the two lanes odd/even bow numbers. After racing, crews proceed to and turn at the White Lighthouse return buoy.

2)      300m Super Sprint On the return to the Cornell Rowing Center, a 300m Super Sprint is set up for ALL CREWS. Start line: Treman Marina Entrance (FP).  The Start line is same as 3k finish line. Crews should queued up ~150m before and race along the west bank of the 300m chute ‘head style.’  3000m time added to three times (x3) 300m will provide an overall time and determine winner and ranking.  



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