50th Anniversary Activities

50 Years

Hello IC Crew community!

As you all know, IC Crew’s 50th anniversary is coming up and we are celebrating in a BIG way!

This April 27th, 28th, and 29th, IC Crew will be hosting various events to celebrate 50 years and to bring together everyone who has contributed to the IC Crew legacy, past and present. The weekend will include class/boat events and dinners, campus tours, a Physical Therapy panel/networking event, a Senior Day race, and a Boathouse Gala. For a full schedule of events follow this link to the official 50th Anniversary page that is updated frequently to give you the most accurate info on all things 50th Anniversary!

To register for the Boathouse Gala on Saturday, April 27th from 6pm-10pm click here. Entertainment will be provided by the band Destination as well as tasty food from the Silo Food Truck ($10 per meal, pay at registration).

Small group gatherings are currently coming together and will be taking place throughout the weekend. If you are interested in setting up a boat or class gathering, please contact Becky at iccrew@ithaca.edu and she can assist you in doing so.

Check back on the 50th Anniversary page* for updates on scheduled events and the addition of more small group gatherings. We hope to see you all here this April to help us celebrate 50 years of a great program!


*Link to the 50th Anniversary page can also be accessed at the top of the sidebar on the IC Crew website homepage.


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